This is not UCI legal

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This is what happens when Chris Akrigg gets his hands on a Cyclocross bike.  

This is going to blow the minds of all those who worship 40cm high barrier bunnyhops.

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16 Replies to “This is not UCI legal”

  1. “Curly-wurly bars?” Is that a technical term?

    Because right after I get some crabon/crabon enduro shoes, I want THAT.

  2. Just goes to show all the mtbr wankers. Your “What Tire? Which pedal? Carbon Chinese?” threads all completely useless.

  3. He has Mad skills! I am most impressed with how he got out of that mud hole, hard left, over that log, hard right up the muddy bank. That would stop most riders on any bike.

    Oh that music stall was great when he did that track stand in the rock garden

  4. 03:45 I thought he was going to pop that log!

    epic skills – looks like fun too, but why not show us a couple of the stacks? go on… pretty please? :)

  5. I bet this kid could ride those trails on a pennyfarthing and make it look easy

  6. I can’t seem to find the chapter in Simon Burneys book explaining how to do this. This guy is incredible! I watched it 4x in awe.