File This Under: Someone Grab Her a Beer

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I’m no expert at track cycling, but I’m pretty sure the official’s job involves just two things at the start of a race:

  1. Stabilize the rider until she starts
  2. Get your shit off the track

He managed to do one but not the other, and now Irene Aravena has gone both arial and viral at the expense of her knee cap. Einstein said it best:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Keep the rubber side down.

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10 Replies to “File This Under: Someone Grab Her a Beer”

  1. Stand there holding a flag, immediately in front of and obstructing vision of the hazard, instead of moving the shit out of the way?!??? Those asshats deserve a ball bat to the knees.

  2. It was a false start and as such, you don’t have to take out the gate out the track. What you must do, however, as an official, is to flag the racers so they are WELL aware of it so they slow down and clear the gate. It works this way all the time. Just not this time….Some one did not do his job properly and someone got injured bad

  3. they did fire the starters pistol a second time, letting the teams know that a false start had occurred. Not that this will ease any pain.

  4. What ever douchetard left that obstacle on the track like that should be stomped in to the ground until dead.