Single Speed CX is not a sport

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Transition Bikes launch their new CX bike in the same style as their Klunker. We love this shit.

In the words of Caveman:

“that video shows how silly cyclocross is, and how fucking fun it can be”

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15 Replies to “Single Speed CX is not a sport”

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  2. Wudup wit dis “klunker” shit? I was riding a coaster brake in the woods in 1959, which would have made me (stops to count growth rings; glares with contempt at empty rum glass) around eight years old.

    Now I ride a Crosscheck (not singlespeed, or coaster brake, even; fixed gear thankyouverymuch) anywhere and everywhere. Except in cross races because the hamstring I tore two years ago says “no more running, ever”. Fuck, fuck, and fuck.


  3. Almost forgot-That new cross bike looks flippin’ sweet. Them adjustable dropouts have the look of genius.

  4. Looks like fun.

    But seriously, how wide can handlebars get? The trend really only looks like stopping when we get to the stage where we can only reach the grips whilst caressing the stem gently in our mouth, with arms fully extended sideways.

  5. I love bikes as much as the next guy, and that looks like a hell of a good time, and I’m not one much for fitting bikes into little categories, and, and, and…..

    BUT- cross bikes don’t have flat bars (with a few small pockets of northwestern seaboard weirdos being the exception). That’s a ss 29er with skinnies.

    Hybrids forever. My mom has a hybrid and loves it. Carry on.

  6. Bars, shmars. They’re on bikes. They’re having a blast. With beer, even. What’s not to like?

  7. @ Cameron. Sarcasm is my strong suit. And for the record I’ve beat Mr. Craig in a race*.

    * a go-kart race

  8. OK. This is the bicycle version of a dick check.

    And I truly hate to say it but I agree with joe.

    Have a beer, shut the fuck up and ride.