Light and Motion

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There’s a ton of cool stuff out there to suit our needs and desires as cyclists, and in the competitive market of bike products, companies that focus on high quality and who actually give a shit about their customers are the one’s who win.

Light and Motion does just that and I thought I’d give them a shout out today for their awesome lights as well as their super timely and friendly customer service. Twice I’ve been amazed by how I was treated when I needed a repair and when I needed a replacement for a lost battery mount.

Here’s a short clip we stumbled accross that gives you an idea of what kind of company they are.

Yep, no overseas call centers or manufacturing plants, these bright bitches are conceived, designed, and built right in Monterey, California and that makes me even more stoked to give ’em my money.

Cheers to them, cheers to you, and cheers to getting out their under the stars when most people sit inside with their eyes glued to the tube. Do yourself a favor and check out their offerings, maybe one will suit your fancy and you’ll be shredding in the darkness. Ride at night with a bright light, and you’ll be suprised what comes to sight.

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7 Replies to “Light and Motion”

  1. I’ve had my Stella 200 for going on 3 years now. Thought the price tag was a bit high when I bought it, but damn this light rocks! Never had an issue with moving around, coming loose or falling off- even on a roof rack at 80+ mph for 300 miles. It even got submerged once for a brief time.
    Hands down the best light out there. AND made in USA.

  2. Stella 300. Had it for years. Still holds a charge for a long, long time. I use it every day and charge it about once a month unless I’m doing a lot of night riding.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. First impression was great after used one of their HIDs for night racing a few years back. Put it on and was like, “fuck, what have I been doing?” Using one of their Taz all purpose lights a lot now and it has far exceeded expectations. Heard nothing but good from others who have used and had to contact for various issues, often due to user…error. Great company, glad to see the hat tilt to them.

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