Product Review: Shredly Shorts and Shirts

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It’s no secret we love the ladies here at DC, especially ones that can rip trail and hold their own at the bar.  With last Sunday being all about ladies riding bikes, here’s a little product review for the ladies.  Michele was handpicked to put some Shredly shorts and shirts through the ringer and report back.  Her review includes riding in Moab, stealing beer, and testing out some fine gear.

I was presented the honor of testing some kickass women’s mountain bike clothing. Where better to ride than BC?  Well, I had to settle on Moab. It was a glorious weekend full of riding, beer, friends, shenanigans and sunshine.  This is my first official post with you DC folk, so let me tell you a bit about myself before I tell you about the sweet new baggies I tested. First off, I am a girl. I like to get dirty and drink beer from cans, but I also like to be girly and do things like paint my nails and wear high heels. Girls are rad, but we are also sensitive…..sensitive in regards to down yonder. I have gone through 42 saddles, at least 19 brands of chamois cream, and about 30 pairs of chamois that I can remember. I’m pretty picky, and I know what works.


That being said, I was stoked to demo SHREDLY clothing, and extra excited because it was my first time riding in Moab. I rolled up into the campsite already wearing a pair of SHREDLY shorts (the chamois is removable) and didn’t take them off the entire weekend except to put on my other pair of SHREDLY shorts. A group of ladies at Slickrock stopped and asked me about the shorts. “Oh, they are designed for women by women right here in the USA. They fit perfectly and are FUNctional!”  I was a bit overenthusiastic while talking about the clothing, but I was thrilled people noticed them on the trail. Or perhaps my extra energy was a result of all the beer we consumed after shuttling three truckloads of friends up to the Whole Enchilada? Out of the seventeen or so people, maybe four of them said thank you, so we stole their beer.


The shorts come in three different styles. I liked the new adjustable waist MTB short best, since I am curvy as fuck. Girls who are really skinny would like the basic short, and girls who are racing DH with pads should go for the DH knicker. All shorts have sick color patterns to choose from and other functional features like vents, faux-gem buttons, many size options, and pockets in all the right places. The super comfy jerseys don’t look like your typical boy-style bike jersey. They are colorful and have three different pocket styles to stash your stuff. Just be careful if wearing a pack….the velcro will snag the fabric. The chamois….I was very impressed. It didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper like the other shorts I’ve tried. Plus it’s called the YOGACHAM, and girls like yoga. I did some trailside yoga at Bar-M in them just for the hell of it. Most importantly, I rode the hell out of all this gear and it never gave me any problems.


The down low: Dudes….if you have a lady in your life who is learning to ride, you should buy her some of these dope shorts because if she feels good, she will shred good. Fellow DC ladies…ask your man for these for your birthday.

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  1. Cooler too small. Needs more beer and less ice. Ours always seems to sport a bottle of Jameson’s as well.