Mike Gaertner stepped up to the Cascade Cream Puff 100

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The Cascade Cream Puff 100 was last weekend and Mike Gaertner out of CDA, Id. won the damn thing- I am totally pumped for him- anyone that has met Mike knows he’s a very humble, positive guy and his true rowdy spirit shows on the race course wether its on a mountain bike or a cross bike, he cranks it up. I find it amazing he can run his bike shop, be a husband, be a dad and get out on the race course still and hold his own- like his wife said after I got done interviewing Mike, “he’s just good at everything he does.”  All I know is he likes to ride his bike and shred it hard.

So a couple days ago I decided to call him up and see if I could get him to talk into my camera instead of me thinking of what he might want me to say to honor his win.

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He posted his ride time from his Garmin on Strava if you wanna check it out.

Thanks Mike, you’re badass. Nice work.

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3 Replies to “Mike Gaertner stepped up to the Cascade Cream Puff 100”

  1. One lap of alpine usually puts me on my ass for a couple days. I don’t understand how these hard bastards can ride it multiple times at race pace.

  2. riding a 100 miles when it has rained the day before in that area, is totally baller status.