Caveman’s snapping his cave like fingers

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This made my weekend seeing this sticker in Tony Pereira shop

Lately, I’ve been in a damn good mood but still finding myself flying off the handle at the dumbest shit. One thing I’ve noticed on this blog forum thingy is when I post a stupid ass drunk rant, most of the negative isn’t that bad and those bad comments are way more lame then the post itself. Kind of funny how that works out; get someone pissed and they make a bigger ass of themselves trying to prove a point. I had a friend tell me a few weeks ago that there is nothing funnier then seeing people get super pissed at the big boy toys (big girl toys too) that all of us worship. It could be bikes, snowboards, golf shit or whatever you have time for in your free time. They really are just toys and are damn fun if you are really into them. If you can somehow make a living around that toy, that’s the shit. I enjoy being around folks that make a living doing what they love. The energy they put off is priceless and I  always go home feeling recharged.

This last weekend I went to Portland to pick my Subaru up and while I was on my drive down through a complete shit snow storm, Dirty starts texting me while I am driving on ice doing 80 mph in a Highlander telling me about this Tony guy that’s a frame builder in Portland, I try to respond while driving with my knee saying “yes, i’ll get hold of him”. Dirty sent me the contact info and I realize this is a no bullshit Tony, it’s Tony Pereira one of the best frame builders in Portland, that’s at least what i’ve heard. If you have ever heard of the Oregon Manifest, he’s a big contender there with his bike creations. So last Sunday I went to his frame shop (his garage) to see what he’s all about and I’ll have to say he’s a very cool guy. Tony’s smile is genuine and his bikes are complete works of art. I think that balance of being a true craftsman, getting the projects and then feeling very fortunate with the projects you are handed is the key to keeping the creative / innovative ball rolling- Tony I believe is doing it. I walked away from his shop totally recharged, thanks Tony.

I snapped some shots while he was chatting with me and my little bro, Cave Jr. (Cave Jr. is better composed then I).

Tony all smiles
he's a pretty mellow cat

He’s not only a frame builder, the guy actually races the bikes he makes- he’s got some race numbers posted up on his wall in his shop and they looked pretty recent.

tony frame jig
Those are some race numbers blessing his shop

His bike racks he’s building and making them be part of the bike’s overall design is something that I really liked seeing on his bikes.

Tony showing off his rack

I had to pull out his long time commuter bike to take a shot of his stem he had on it. A place for the bell and for his front rack to hook up to- pretty cool detail.

ring dat bell and holding my shit

Now, check out this sticker collection.

tony is a drunkcyclist

I’ll have much more to say about Tony soon but until then drink a fucking beer and storm some trails with nastiness.

I love IPA's and I love hopworks



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17 Replies to “Caveman’s snapping his cave like fingers”

  1. right on Caver – HopWorks rules – did you get up north williams to BikeBar?? – usually my first stop in PDX

  2. @ Latin, I didn’t go up north. i’ll have to check that place out next time. Thanks for the suggestion. You are right, hop works does rule.

  3. gecko, you can insure me anytime. I’ve already wrecked my subby at 80 mph hitting turkeys and the first day I owned the wagon I jumped it about 90 ft and blew the back window out. Can you cover shit like that with no hassles?

  4. NOOooo! Take that chuck key out. *That’s* how guys get their fingers (or worse) snapped off.

  5. …mattchew…now, it looks like that disembodied hand is about to insert the tubing into the chuck jaws, but ya, if the instructor in shop class saw you leave a key in the chuck while you did anything else, it would get you thrown off the lathe for the day…

    …you’d get to spend your time cleaning & ‘reviewing’ shop safety rules…

  6. Steve Jobs made great tools that I love and use all day long. But, you mf’rs make me smile and laugh nearly everyday. And on many occasions have inspired me. Attitude is everything and although I stumbled home again after one too many pitchers of Ruthless Rye (is that possible?…I’ll never know) I was stoked by this post before I even rolled out of bed @10:20. Keep shoot’n from the hip and fuck all those that can’t handle it. I fucking hate whiners and naysayers. Think I’ll chug that warm pint on the counter and go for a road ride. 63 and blue sky@4500′. Cheers!

  7. check this, just did some strange glitch karate moves at the flat screen and thought I should probably sit down. Damn IPA

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