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No, not the drink…

The Whiskey Off-Road is coming up, and the folks over at Singletrack.com have a nice little write-up about the area and the event. It reminded me of the times I spent climbing out of Skull Valley as the sun beat down on my already-sunburnt neck. These are the types of events that drive me to drink…

I kid. The Whiskey is a ton of fun. Check out the article:


At a time when land use issues seem to be placing road blocks in the way of mountain bike development, the Prescott community appears to be embracing both their western heritage and the progressive mountain bike movement.

The town maintains it’s quaint, old West feel with its Whiskey Row main street, complete with a wide variety of cafes, bars, and shops while promoting art, culture, music and mountain biking within the same framework.


Read the rest HERE.

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