Louis Aimar

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I don’t know a lot about this guy, but the image speaks volumes. He was a very hard man. Just look at the pins!

He was a French Pro from 1931 through ’46. The War years. I’m sure there are some stories to tell. Some success on the road and a National Champion on the track.


Source: http://baltimorehorsescycling.tumblr.com/post/6062982741/louis-aimar.

More here: http://www.cyclingarchives.com/coureurfiche.php?coureurid=100.

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10 Replies to “Louis Aimar”

  1. the pic is of Aimar winning the 1941 Grand Prix des Nations. it looks like he rode into the 60’s. there is a result from the TDF in 1969

    1931 1º in Marseille – Toulon – Marseille (FRA)
    1932 1º in GP St. Marthe, Marseille (FRA)
    1932 1º in GP Waldors, Cannes (FRA)
    1932 1º in Toulon – Nice (FRA)
    1933 1º in Alès (FRA)
    1933 1º in Critérium du Var (FRA)
    1933 1º in Nice – Annot – Nice (FRA)
    1933 1º in Riez (FRA)
    1934 1º in Apt (FRA)
    1934 1º in Cannes (FRA)
    1934 1º in Critérium du Var (FRA)
    1934 2º in GP de Cannes (FRA)
    1934 1º in Marseille (FRA)
    1934 1º in Nice (FRA)
    1934 2º in Lyon – Vals les Bains (FRA)
    1934 1º in Circuit du Mont-Blanc, Annecy (FRA)
    1935 1º in Stage 3 GP de Bône (FRA)
    1935 2º in Circuit du Mont-Blanc (FRA)
    1936 1º in Bandol (FRA)
    1936 2º in Circuit de Lyon (FRA)
    1936 1º in Toulon – Aubagne – Toulon (FRA)
    1937 1º in Amplepluis (FRA)
    1937 1º in Charlieu (FRA)
    1937 1º in Circuit du Forez (FRA)
    1937 1º in Crans (FRA)
    1937 1º in GP d’Espéraza (FRA)
    1937 1º in Langogne (FRA)
    1937 1º in Marseille – Nice (FRA)
    1937 2º in Lyon – Vals les Bains (FRA)
    1937 3º in Bourg – Genève – Bourg, Bourg (FRA)
    1938 2º in Bourg – Genève – Bourg, Bourg (FRA)
    1938 1º in GP des Cévennes (FRA)
    1938 2º in Issoire (FRA)
    1938 3º in Nice – Annot – Nice (FRA)
    1938 1º in Toulon – Aubagne – Toulon (FRA)
    1938 1º in Stage 10 Tour du Maroc, Fez (MAR)
    1938 2º in General Classification Tour du Maroc (MAR)
    1938 1º in Stage 6 Tour du Sud-Est (FRA)
    1938 2º in General Classification Tour du Sud-Est (FRA)
    1938 1º in GP des Nations (FRA)
    1941 1º in National Championship, Track, Pursuit, Elite, France (FRA)
    1941 1º in GP des Nations (FRA)
    1942 1º in National Championship, Track, Pursuit, Elite, France (FRA)
    1969 2º in Stage 1 part b Tour de France, St.Pieters-Woluwe/Woluwe St.Pierre (FRA)

  2. I’m gonna’ guess that that 1969 result is a different Louis Aimar. He had a 10 year career, then took 27 years off? Unlikely at best. None the less, he’s still a hard-man.

  3. If he was that mean, why wasn’t he fighting to free his country? Hell, my Dad served and he didn’t know any fucking Frog from Adam.

  4. He was fighting joe. In the best way he could.

    Ya see. He continued to race so he could act as a courier and deliver highly classified messages to the Resistance without those Nazi-bastards finding out.

    He raced and risked it all to save his country.


    Could be true. Ya never know.

  5. It could be at that. History records some truly staggering acts of gallantry by the Resistance. No doubt there are thousands more that shall remain unknown.

  6. Got this on the wall of my chapel. Jesus thinks all those guys from pre-1970s were the true ballers. What type of moron would actually have their bodies analyzed for every thing? No, these guys were all about “ride the bike fast.”