Something for the weekend.

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All the pictures and videos of last weekend’s shit show in Ireland are starting to make their way to the internets by now. This little gem shows you a little of the trails we got to ride,  and really sums up the great vibe the whole weekend had.  You will even see the DC colors on the back of yours truly at about 1:17. This might be the first time I have been in a video on the internet with my pants still on.

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Last weekend was the only World Championship that really matter in my book. But there are some other Wolrds happening this weekend in Champery, Switzerland.  Instead of a tattoo for the victory, this one gives you a pretty rainbow shirt and probably some cash. The downhill track at Champery is notorious for being super steep, really fast, and even a little bit scary. See for yourself in this helmet cam video. That shit is real.

I hope everybody makes good use of the long weekend and can get out and turn some pedals. The stoke is high over here and I can’t wait to ride!

Get some!

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7 Replies to “Something for the weekend.”

  1. That is one sweet DH run. I would’ve wiped many times through that, but that’s half the fun. GREAT ASS! or is it asses, WTF is the plural of ass?!

  2. Ahhh. Being the complete tard that I am, I have just cracked open the first beer of the day at only 9:42am. 5 months after climbing on that wagon.

    What can I say ? I don’t fall off the wagon, I put a rocket up my ass and blast my self of that damn thing.

    Now all I need is a cigar. And a woman.

    No comments from the peanut gallery.

    For all you yanks, Happy Labor Day. For all the rest, happy weekend.

    Now go get some.

  3. Cheers!
    Helmet cam videos are a bad idea for a hangover.
    I can only imagine how much fun it was in Ireland. That video helps, though. Great stuff.

  4. Hey Dirty, love the site, was great to meet yourself and SJ last Sunday – seems like a lot longer than a week ago somehow, glad to hear you got back o.k. Just about to sit down in front of the DH World Champs – got high hopes for Rach Atherton! I’m on facebook as “steve cook”, would be good to keep in touch. Steve.