Things I Learned Today

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We finally made it to Limerick, Ireland for Singlespeed Worlds. After a less than amazing travel experience, Scandinavian Jesus and myself put tires to ground  in Ireland today. Here is a quick rundown of everything we learned in the past 36 hours of travel.

Lesson 1: Having a bike that doesn’t fit into a suitcase sucks really bad. As shown HERE.

Lesson 2: Anything involving Newark, NJ is super lame. We were late getting in from Phoenix and missed our connecting flight to Shannon. We were then left the choice to fly into Dublin and fend for ourselves or wait for 24 hours in New Jersey for the next flight to Shannon. We chose Dublin. Having no idea how we were going to get from Dublin to Limerick with all of our bikes and luggage we decided to have a couple beers and think it over. In the bar we met a guy that was in the same predicament. Except he was Irish and knew where to go. We agreed that the three of us would split a rental car and he would drive us to our hotel. Which brings us to our next lesson…

Lesson 3: Driving down a freeway with a lunatic Irishman at 175km/hr in a rented Opel is awesome. Enough said.

Lesson 4: You can’t turn on the lights in the hotel room without first putting your room key in a special slot on the wall. It took 2 pints and a few trips to the bathroom with a headlamp to figure that one out.

Lesson 5: Pubs are really easy to find, and we found a whole bunch

The Locke Bar. Ground zero for SSWC11

Lesson 6: Pregnant women shouldn’t drink big margaritas


Lesson 7: You can drink a lot of these


Lesson 8: DC is, as DC does.


Alright kids, class is over. The first 2 days of this trip have already been quite the adventure. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me. Tomorrow, SJ and I will part ways. He is heading out on a tour of the south and I’m going to pedal out to the coast in search of singletrack and some waves. I’ll let you know what I find in a couple days..keep it dirty

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15 Replies to “Things I Learned Today”

  1. Give’r. I’m on the signup, stuck in Canada, lame beyond words. Have donated entry fee to organizers in the hopes they will add this to beer fund. Again, I suck.

  2. …limerick ???…i got your fucking limerick, son !!!…

    “an american rider named ‘dirty’…
    …fucked an irish girl named ‘gertie’…
    …he had but one speed…
    …as he planted his seed…
    …while she laughed at his absurdity”

    …whoops…i was just informed that ‘limerick’ is a city in ireland…

    …my bad…have a great time over there, dirty b…

  3. If you thought leaving thru Newark was fun, just wait until you try to return to the US of A. You’ll be lucky if all they do is steal your bikes. Better to stay in Ireland.

  4. Dirty….


    I like the pictures on the bottles on what “not to do”…just in case you can’t read anymore after a few of those 10.5%r’s….and I wouldn’t be able to read the language written anywayz.

  5. DB–I’m pulling for you to win the ‘Challenge’ this year and bring the SSWC back to the states!

  6. I won’t be at the challenge, But i hear there is a strong crew from Tucson ready to bring it to AZ next year. If anybody can do it, it will be those guys

  7. #4 – I thought I was the only one who did that? Damn euro hotels! But then again, I already had the beer in me before I went into the room, so maybe that had a little bit to do with it!! I figured it out the next morning!
    Good Luck!