Farrar takes Stage 3

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Happy Birthday, America.

Tyler Farrar has arrived.
Tyler Farrar has arrived.

Image source: http://www.daylife.com/photo/02dxgr81UC5XP.

Strictly a class move when he signaled a W for Wouter Weylandt. All class. And big ups to Thor Hushovd too. He was a big part of the win, and it did not go unnoticed.

“To have the world champion and yellow jersey work for you to launch the sprint, it’s crazy,” Farrar said of Hushovd.


Video of the finale.

YouTube Preview Image

How’s the team feeling after these last few days?

“We’re going to keep drinking champagne as long as my liver can handle it,” Vaughters said.


More on the day here: http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/07/news/farrar-takes-emotional-victory-for-weylandt_181690.

Watch out for Cavendish. He got knocked out on this one, in the final corner and for his conduct during the intermediate sprint. I don’t think he’ll be knocked out again. He is a man fueled by anger. He closed a lot of real estate in the closing meters today. He’s got the form. He’s going to blow doors clean off the hinges.

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14 Replies to “Farrar takes Stage 3”

  1. That was absolutely the perfect lead out train— Hushovd/Dean/Farrar. No one else stood a chance.

  2. Class acts from both The God of Thunder and Farrar.

    Seeing Cav lose never gets old, either.

  3. …tyler fucking farrar…that’s another big FUCK YEAH !!!

    …that IS pretty special when you get a major lead-out from the reigning world champion/yellow jersey & t-farr deserves it…bold enough to be a world class sprinter & yet as humble & genuine as it gets…

    …i’m glad for johnny vaughters too…he’s followed his vision from humble beginnings & the man has created something greater many believed he was capable of, if i recall certain discussions on this site correctly…

    ‘johnny & the slips’…rockin’ in the free world !!!

  4. …i wholeheartedly agree with gianni about cav – “Watch out for Cavendish……He is a man fueled by anger……He’s going to blow doors clean off the hinges.”

    …i’m a fan ‘cuz the guy is a phenomena…when he gets beat, he responds & it obviously means so much to him that he wears his heart on his sleeve…tough as a motherfucker but not afraid to show more than just the emotion of anger…

    …i say ‘fuck yeah !!!’ to both farrar & cavendish…

  5. Watching the video, the best part is the grin on Hushovd’s face while Dean raises his right to celebrate and Farrar seals the deal.

    Still, watch out for Cav.

  6. Good for Farrar, just wish he didn’t ride for that douche Vaughters.

    Is Thor going to go for a few wins of his own or is he always going to be working for Farrar on any finish with a bunch finish?

  7. …@kg…so why is vaugthers a douche, at least in your book ???…

  8. I’m a big Vaughters fan. But I have to admit there is something suspect about the man: Those fucking sideburns. Dude. Get a razor and square them shits off. Like a man. Fuck.

  9. …hey, dammit…fuck you, gianni !!!…

    …oh gosh, sorry…what i meant to say was – “what’s wrong with johnny v’s sideburns ???”

    …in my avatar foto from back in ’72, i have big, long sideburns to go with my long hair…nowadays, i’m bald but i have short trimmed s’burns that curve right down to the corners of my mouth…

    …& i get compliments on a regular basis from young, attractive women…no shit…

    …manly…as a motherfucker……bwahahaha

  10. Its the Boulder smugness. there is nothing manly about his jersey shore sideburns. grow them out, square them off..do something! right now he just looks like a little Travis Brown in training

  11. bikesgonewild doesn’t wear turtlenecks or ascots…

    …i don’t even like the name ‘turtlenecks’…fucking turtles…

  12. Speaking of which, upon replay, It sure seems like the Manx Missile give a lot of head.

    NTTAWWT, except in sprinting.