bling lighting system and I saw him coast…

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check this shit out and It ain’t shit.

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11 thoughts on “bling lighting system and I saw him coast…

  1. Dynamo hubs ain’t nothin’ new. They also tend to be an enormous PITA if you have several bikes. Either spend crazy money or have one bike for night rides. I might look at similar system that runs on batteries.

    And so he coasted. Cant remember the last time I used the rear brake on my only gweared bike, and it’s been seeing the most miles lately. Hey, I’m old and I’m falling apart.

    But when I do ride a fixed gear I feel like a kid again.

  2. Looks pretty nice, but some suggestions for simplicity:
    – LEDs don’t need much power.
    – A magnet and a coil of wire is all you need for current.
    – Skip the fancy stuff, ditch the color changing.
    – Skip the wiring from wheel to seat to wheel.
    – Set up so each wheel generates its own power.
    – Not moving, lights are off.
    – Moving, lights are on.
    You could probably roll your own with some wire, a few magnets, and LEDs. Pretty simple and cheap. Mount the magnets to the stem or stays, thread a few loops of wire through the spokes, with LEDs spliced in. Add a capacitor to kill the flicker, and you should be good.

    Or just put Knog Cogs all over the frame.

  3. fuck Cavey sideways and pile it up. It’s always real simple for a caveman, I liked how it glows tron style and I liked how he coasted for a sec.

    @Judy, that was tron for real.

    @Joe, you should always feel like a kid, even with the aches and pain.

    @CBfromDE, fuck build it, video it and show it. I want to see your fucking light show- i’ll dance to dat shit.

  4. 1) I love the color change, but it should go through a range of colors by speed— i.e. if you had to ride like 25 MPH to keep it blue, that would be schweet. That fixter-hippie would be all spun out in the green when I went whistling by him. Ha!

    2) exposed, pancake-style slip ring? What could possibly go wrong? As a former professional slip ring salesman, I can assure you that an enclosed, drum-style ring would be vastly more reliable and long-lasting.

    3) Judi, that tron flatland deal was the shit, straight up.

  5. my issue with the Aura project, is from head on, or from behind—they are really not visible.
    You can see it in the video, the lights just plain disappear or dim out at certain angles. Unless you ride like a drunk snake that is.

  6. Yea. The aura thing looks rad from the side but from the back/front that’s a biker down story just waiting to be written.

    That tron video made my day. I want one.

  7. The color changing is accidental. White lights are red/green/blue combined and the red channel uses less power. It’s red when it’s slow. Not a planned feature, just cool.