BMX girls are hot.

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Fast forward past the 2 minute mark to get to the good stuff. Why in the hell they have to show them eating breakfast and getting their hair cut is beyond me.

Best of: 2:35, 3:02, 3:17, 3:43, 3:59, 4:03 and 4:23 are fucking rad, and 4:47.

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8 Replies to “BMX girls are hot.”

  1. no shit, I’m tired of all the “day in the life” minutia in bmx vids. just get to the riding already. of course in this case if the minutia involved dressing and undressing, I would make an exception.

  2. I’m thinking, without the ‘day in the life’ setup, the viewer wouldn’t know that the riders are girls, and therefore the tricks would be pretty standard. Impressive…for a girl, right? Is that the message?

  3. i’ve NEVER seen a BMX video with girls. as much as we troll reddit for BMX vids, it’s all dudes. so yea, its impressive to see these girls doing it. whatever, haters gonna hate.

  4. in the previous two posts i didn’t really read any hate… though that video left plenty of opportunities.