one step closer…

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Some people would say that we are spreading like an STD but I like to think that we are just one step closer to total world domination.

Ya see, DC soft goods are now available in 2 bike shops in Arizona. Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution and Sunday Cycles in Phoenix. Both are kick-ass shops and we are very happy to have our stuff on their shelves.

Here is a little video about Rev Bikes up in Flagstaff:

YouTube Preview Image

If you are passing through Flagstaff, stop in and grab an espresso from their coffee bar and geek out on all the cool bike stuff on the floor.

I first met the guys at Sunday Cycles while doing a 12 hour race back in January. They had a keg and a hot dog cart set up in the pits that you had to pass at the start of every lap. They would heckle every rider that passed and tempt them with ice cold beer and processed meats. We were instant friends.

keg and a weiner
keg and a weenie

I went to check out the shop for myself and discovered the whole place is built around a make shift bar. Happy hour at 4pm.


Both shops have a full selection of socks, caps, and maybe even some jerseys still. Welcome to the DC family, boys.

Here are Rev Bikes facebook and Sunday Cycles facebook …give them a “like” to find out when they are restocked with DC gear, what specials and events are  going on, and to just show them some love.

If you aren’t passing through the southwest any time soon, you can always just go to the store and make Gnome have to go to the post office. Thats a fun game.

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7 Replies to “one step closer…”

  1. hey joe! if i moved to phoenix could i bartend at your shop? i wish to hell we could move. awesome shops, thanks for carrying DC stuff.

  2. Nik,

    BGR left the scene of his own accord although I can appreciate your sentiments in regards to his absence. I was at the epicenter of that demise, and although I played a poor hand in it, it was his choice to “disappear” yet again, which in hindsight probably save a lot of people a lot of time, money and heartache in the long run. Thus, it was not a bad option all things considered.

    Beyond that, and avoiding exposure of the details which he will appreciate, this post and the site no longer has any association with him. That was his desire, not ours. As unfortunate as that may seem, this ship must continue to sail its course with no regard for him as he has chosen to it to be. Just like any breakup, bromance or otherwise. No person holds sway over the BGR experience except Randy himself. Indeed, he is, and will continue to be missed, but that is as far as it goes. Oh, and I’m sure he’s doing just fine all things considered. He’s a bit too radical for so much exposure I suppose. But damn, it sure was a good time when he was a friend of this.

  3. Sunday Cycles is a *fantastic* shop. I drive past four others so that I can shop there. Highly, highly recommended…

  4. Quoting the immortal words of Jack Black.

    You’re not hard core until you live Hard Core.