I like me some Wiggo

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I hope to see a lot out of the lad this July.

From: Jean-Marie

Read this:

As he won the “Critérium du Dauphiné” today, Wiggins declared that Contador on the Tour was not a good thing this year. “It’s not a good thing that a guy tested positive four times may be allowed to race. It is also bad for all the teams fighting to be clean, like Sky Team.”

Source: http://www.lequipe.fr/Cyclisme/breves2011/20110612_191904_wiggins-tacle-contador.html.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

More on Wiggo:

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18 thoughts on “I like me some Wiggo

  1. Thank the Gods one of them is willing to state the obvious

    French – detected to English translation:

    Bradley Wiggins has confirmed its potential in stage races. Winner of the Criterium du Dauphine by displaying a great master in the main difficulties (Collet d’Allevard, Col du Glandon, Col de la Croix de Fer and La Toussuire), English training Sky took its brands to Tour de France. “This is the victory which I am most proud of, said Wiggins. Write his name on a chart like the Dauphiné … need only see the names! This week, I confirmed my potential in stage races. The Tour is my goal since the beginning of the year, the rest. But it was a good thing this week. I can climb with the best and even defend the jersey in real mountain stages. The experience of being in yellow in a pass as the Glandon will be useful. It’s great! ”

    “In sporting terms, it is not a good thing a guy tested positive four times to win the race. It is also bad for all the teams fighting for own “Bradley Wiggins

    Winner of the fourteenth race among professionals, however, Wiggins will battle before hoping worry Alberto Contador. The Briton has also declared against the presence of Spanish in the Tour, considering that the participation of a rider tested positive was “not a good thing. Selfishly, I think although it is there because it means that the Saxo Bank team will ride for him. In sporting terms, it is not a good thing a guy tested positive four times to win the race. It is also bad for all the teams who are struggling to be clean, in the case of Sky Team. “Contador said Saturday his decision to participate in the Tour which will start July 2 in the Vendée.

  2. …wiggo, hushovd & a number of riders as well as tour organiser prudhomme, have expressed not only their disappointment in the fact that nothing has been resolved in the contador case but also that it would be better for the sport were he not to ride until such time…

    …but that little spanish bitch doesn’t “get it”

    …consider me not a fan…

    …ricco ???…shit…dude is his own worst enemy & for all appearances his actions have turned into a sad comedy routine…

  3. just more proof that there is no god.

    if there really was a kind & benevolent god, Woulter would be alive & that shit stain ricco would be the one leaving a stain on the pavement.

    perchance to dream.

  4. what made me really sad was that Ricco dragged Piepoli into his CERA scheme, effectively ending the fellow’s career. Always loved to watch Piepoli climb.

  5. what’s gonna suck: clenbutador rolls in to paris in yellow, but is sanctioned after the race. then some poor sap (probably evans), gets the yellow retro-actively.

    the only bigger douchebag than ricco is the sumbitch that hires him!

  6. Somebody should tackle Cuntador on a mountain stage, get him out of contention. Make the tour like it used to be, not for douches to win, but for the toughest badass in the field. It is only right.

  7. It’s the battle of the men from caves.

    Small c or big C.

    Who will win ??

    Let’s get ready to rumble !!!!!!!!!

  8. “or El Caveman-a-roni, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.” —Jeffrey Lebowski.