Some good news…

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I posted a reply to someone else’s post about Congresswoman Gifford’s status, in essence calling bullshit on the whole, “I heard it form a guy whose mom went to a website run by someone who has inside information…”

Straw men arguments and heresay bullshit need to be stopped short and fast. It seems like everyone believes what they read or hear without doing the slightest bit of research first.

Giffords’ recovery has been the subject of national interest. Her doctors at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, where she is undergoing rehabilitation, have said she is making significant advances in speech, motor skills and life skills. She began speaking two months ago, asking for more toast with her breakfast.

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Good to hear she’s doing much better than the ‘half-a-brain’ post a while back implied. Save your political snark for another day, too. She’s a fellow cyclist. Period.


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11 Replies to “Some good news…”

  1. “…a fellow cyclist. Period.” There ain’t no such animal.

    Glad to hear the Congresswoman is doing well.

  2. …that is good news & thanks for posting it…

    …human beings show an amazing capacity to recover from some pretty severe trauma & ones chances are particularly enhanced when one is physically fit…

    …the congresswoman is a cyclist & that’s a bonus in a lotta ways…

  3. Just to make things clear to people, and to add some detail to what I wrote earlier.

    I ran into a guy selling a self published book called “Sacrifice of a congresswoman.” and he is the one who told me that she’d had a herispherectomy. His book appeared to be rhetoric, not research; baffling bullshit, not dazzling data. He claims she was taken out by some US agent. I knew he was full of shit, and I thought it would be obvious that I wasn’t stating WHAT I BELIEVED but what was rumored to me.
    I didn’t exonerate that point, I simply mentioned that wing nut conspiracy theorists AND rumors were deeply upsetting to me. I thought the simplicity of my sentences would not result in someone reading what I wrote entirely wrong. Do you people actually read or selectively skim? My intention was not to spread the rumor but to kill it. Fuck me if I failed doing so.

  4. LJ, don’t take it too hard. People just desire clarity in regards to her status and recovery. There are plenty of crazy conspiracy theorists out there yelling from the rooftops, we’ve all heard them and know this to be true. And, their voices blur the conversation enough without any of us accidentally assisting their choir with republication of their twisted notes. And, yes, people do just skim. Of course they do. Everyone is pressed for time, everyone has somewhere they need to be five minutes ago. People skim. People misinterpret. People misconstrue. Just be mindful and move forward.

    Now, as to the story above, I’m glad to be hearing good news about the Congresswoman. No one deserves what happened that day. Not her, not any of the innocent bystanders, no one.

    I still can’t even read about Christina Greene without a lump rising in my throat.

  5. …good point, gianni…

    …we tend to focus on gabrielle gifford, being as she was the known entity in this situation but the lives of so many other families will never be the same due to the selfish motives of one deranged human being…

  6. LJ, I went back and looked at the comments, and you’re right. You did post your follow up later on. I just don’t look after my posts in the comments most times. I post that shit and don’t look back.

    We’re both right and she’s doing better. Now it’s time to feed the monkey and go get paid.

  7. Goto to learn the truth about the Giffords drill. Or tune into in about 2 hours to here it from me directly.

  8. Good to hear the news of her recouperation, and good points on clarity, etc.

    Not to hijack, but in the spirit of things (speaking of recouperating cyclists), my teammate from last year, Ali, is returning to work (pediatrics resident) this month after 12 surgeries resulting from the collision with an auto last fall (Judi posted on it a few times). There are a few beautiful stories (Today Show, Cin Enquirer) that are really inspiring about her journey back, here is one from last month:

  9. …low brow…quite a story & quite a couple…

    …bit choked up reading (more) of her story but seriously glad knowing ali b’s returning to work after her ordeal…

    …as a guy who’s had a soberingly serious surgery, i can’t imagine the strength it takes to go through what your girl pal has gone through, over & over again…

    …major props to her…

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