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10 Replies to “I want this to be my backyard.”

  1. Awoo. I also saw a clip where some random dirt-jump kid threw a triple tailwhip. That seems like a very big trick.

  2. @mikey, the whole time, dominic was watching, going “judi, these guys aren’t that good….” but all i was pointing to were the ramps and the hay stacks, looks so damn fun.

  3. Build it, and they will come.

    And bu they, I mean grins, giggles, and higher insurance premiums.

  4. The fact that the guy’s aren’t pro (or I’d be surprised if they were) makes it cool. A couple of regular dudes, with a regular house, in a regular suburb just keeping it real. I like the hay bale bailout too. Smart. And it’ll scrub off speed so they don’t get into that back corner with too much heat.

  5. Mooooom! Can I go play at Mikey’s house? He has RAMPS! Pleeeeease?

    They may or may not be “all that good” but they are definitely having more fun on their bikes right now than I am having at my desk.

  6. That video is full of big wheel bmx bikes! It is so hard for me to ride a 20″ after having ridden a 26″ for a year or so. I really want a 24″ like that raw frame one the manual ‘master’ is riding.

    We’ve been blessed on the Front Range in CO. The last two summers have seen 4 or 5 city managed bike parks open up: Golden, Lyons, Rhyolite, Gunbarrel. With at least two more in the works: Valmont and North Barnum Park.

    I will refrain from mentioning the non-sanctioned spots. I love that municipalities are open to dirt jumps.

  7. I wish I had started riding about thirty years sooner.

    I wish I weren’t so old and brittle.

    I wish I had better carpentry skills.

    Hell, might as well wish I could fart hundred dollar bills that smell like lilacs while I’m at it. (Pffffft) Nope, nothing yet.

    Rogbie, what’s the difference between a 26″ BMX and, say, my Monocog?