Rays MKE

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Indoor mountain biking at Rays is supposed to be a lot of fun. Sure looks that way from this video. We’re headed up to the CLE Rays on VD. I can only imagine what kind of damage Dominic is going to do on his jump bike.

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12 thoughts on “Rays MKE

  1. that looks really good, but unfortunately I’ve made a liftetime commitment to never go to places colder than New England.

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  3. Can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day. I went to the one in Cleveland 3 years ago and it was amazing, just went to the Milwaukee one a few weeks ago and I’m planning on going back SOON. It’s like a huge indoor playground for bikes, and the way it’s set up is great for progressing your skills. You can roll over everything there, which makes things much less intimidating. It’s heaven in a warehouse.