Pack wads like a cannon.

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dudes (ambigously, word is bond), this shit made me LMFAO, okay?  i fully blew handroasted local swiss chard all over my maccle Ophone when i saw how much the man is trying to make off my steeze.  CAP-IT-OH-LIES, mothersuckazzzz!!!!

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go here for more.  street level vengeance.  always check back because that shit is off the heeze funny, okay?  or is it just “meh?”  who cares.  i rule.

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good, bad, funny, sad, stupid, rad, has, had. non-joining funhaver from coast to coast(er brake). buster of the chops, drawer of the logos. North Carolina, USA

25 Replies to “Pack wads like a cannon.”

  1. Am I the only one annoyed with hipsters? Maybe a clandestine link between hipsters and T-baggers can be arranged. Clueless, young, wealthy phonies interact with clueless, middle-aged, working class stooges to share ideas and cancel each other out. Or maybe a new movement can be created to reflect the total uselessness of both groups?

    Call them Tipsters or Me-Partiers or Tbagsters.

    Hipsters and T-baggers are like a real foul, smelly fart in an enclosed airless space that just won’t go away.

  2. You’d be surprised how many hipsters you could fit in that roller skate if you run ’em through a woodchipper first.

  3. tony.

    it’s not news that hipster rhymes with retard. i’m not saying they are retards. that’s not fair to retards. the aforementioned is one of my favorites groups of discriminees. i’m saying that it rhymes. that’s all. and the odor thingy is like a ski mask. cotton-poly blend of misery wrapped around your face all day. gross. condensation. eww.

    meh. whatever.

  4. @Snake Hawk Yeah my fart analogy was a tad over the top. And disgusting. And I’ll burn in hell for making that joke. maybe I’ll burn in hell twice.

    Your hipster post works well with Judi’s post on Portlandia. IMHO that video, Portlandia:Bicycle Rights is the best satire on hipster bike jerkoffs ever.

    Keep flogging dem hipsters

  5. Tony, I hear msnbc needs a frothing-mouthed delusional conspiracy theorist to fill Olbermann’s empty chair. You might send ’em a reh-zoo-meh.

  6. Oh, I don’t know, I chewed and swallowed my Soumaintrain affiné with no problem. The video was as predictable and boring as the whole hipster schtick. I do like the Portlandia thing tho.

  7. hey joetheteabagger…er electrician. Speaking of frothing-mouthed delusional conspiracy theorists, I understand your hero Glenn Beck is looking for a Personal Ball Washer. I can see you now: Rinsing and scrubbing, rinsing and scrubbing. You’ll have to change your name to joetheesteemedpersonalballwasher though

    Lewis Black says it best

  8. Tony, I expected a LITTLE something original from YOUR mind, such as it is.

    Lewis who? Never heard of him. Reminds me of Andy Rooney if he had Tourette’s syndrome.

  9. Cripe, I just got a thought-Wonder what Tony would do if someone told him “Lighten up, Francis”?

  10. @joe That’s as good as it gets from my drain-bamaged mind.

    Remember Joe, it’s all comedy, just comedy.

  11. @BackRoadBandit I think joethebeautician doesn’t like anyone or anything.
    Except for Glenn Beck’s bullocks. He loves them spunk-holders. Rinsing and scrubbing. Rinsing and scrubbing. Rinsing and scrubbing.

    Just don’t get on joethemortician’s bad side. Or he’ll chastise you mightily with a confused response. Or something.

  12. Joe, don’t take any guff off Backroadbandit. I happen to know he likes drinking earl grey while riding his fixed gear around in skinny jeans…

  13. What the hell?

    If he was the real deal he’d be drinking RooiBos!

    Man’s nothing but a charlatan

  14. And for BGW’s sake, I don’t mean that he was in the house band at the Red Dog Saloon, I meant that Earl Grey is so Last week

  15. …yo, hurben…damn, never saw ‘the charlatans’ & definitely wish i had…

    earl grey = no way, too much tanic acid…

    …i actually tried south african ‘rooibos’…kinda harsh on my system & being an ol’ ‘yerba mate’ drinker for like 30+ years i’m stickin’ with what works for me…hits the spot, mate…

  16. Hey BGW,

    Sounds like you got some of the cheap shit, Rooibos should not be harsh.

    Send an postal address to my email & I’ll get a pack of the genuine article off to you.

  17. Around here if it ain’t ice cold and so sweet it sets your teeth on edge, it ain’t tea.