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33 thoughts on “Tag your city too.

  1. Why do that? It’s like a miniature version of that douchefest Critical Mass. Vandalizing city property with the sticker of a cycling based website does three things; It solidifies the opinions of those who already hate cyclists. It makes it that much harder to get support from anyone who doesn’t already have a strong opinion. And it gives those who do support cyclists rights an even tougher row to hoe.

  2. we should also scold all xmas wreath organizations. They are total d-bags for blocking the top of that sign. I’m totally protesting xmas critical mass because of it.

  3. Well, it is about the establishment. No real way around that. Sleepy’s point is standard bummer fair of the mundane. Something appropriate for MTBR. And yea, we all have to deal, but I choose to lighten up on this instance, and enjoy a little hack at Big Bro. No harm. No foul. No cyclist death. Just the continued employment of another city worker out there on the streets defacing criminal acts of art so that the public may rest at night.

  4. …actually senor sleepy, other than taking taking the wind out of the sails of a few around here, your original statement was quite correct…

    …gnomer brought a little balance in with “No harm. No foul. No cyclist death. Just the continued employment of another city worker out there on the streets defacing criminal acts of art so that the public may rest at night.”

  5. STOP IT .you folks are playin with my jaegermeister/nyquil buzz. Im with Low Brow. Low you do west coast.. i’ll do the east….

  6. greg— sorry, I gotta ask… how do you tell the Jaegermeister from the Nyquil? An excellent buzz, don’t get me wrong.

  7. mikey.. actualy it’s pretty easy to distinquish yager from nyquil. vicks formula 44 on the other hand….it’s a toss-up.

  8. two parts jaeger one part nyquill ..crushed ice .. shake… pour through strainer.. turn on hockey night in canada… awww yea

  9. Empty contents of Lysol can into pail. Fill pail with grape juice. Invite friends over to trailer. Turn on hockey. Hand out cups. Go Canada.

  10. I always perferred stoli with my nyquil. make an awesome martini.
    right up ’till the blackout.

  11. Or Paris Hilton and Courtney Love’s favorite— The “Alamo Basement:” two shots of peach brandy and a crushed Vicodin.

  12. On a side note, finding out that there are many drunk hockey fans on this site as well… it just warms my tiny heart. Granted, I played for a team that was sponsored by a bar for several years. Go figure.

  13. …ol’ school ‘rink rat’ here, amigo…

    …organized stuff, pond hockey, summertime street shit with a tennis ball…

    …’sides, skating & cycling use a lotta the same basic muscles…win – win…

  14. I played peewee in Fitchburg / Leominster Mass. Lots o pond hockey as well. I wore my pads for motocross in summer ..hockey in winter.. Just so they would smell real good.

  15. Fellow rink rats — awesome. I still do some lower-level house league sessions every year or so and a few out of town tournaments when I can (there is a great Womens’ tourney in Windsor, Canada every January that I love). Aside from that, I live next to a pond that freezes over and makes for perfect pond hockey action. Cycling and hockey seem to fit well together, two different kinds of hurt, both intense on the body. Still adapting to the longer, sustained efforts in road racing though. No shift changes after two minutes.

    Sorry to hijack the thread, Judi. Back to defacing signs and plastic santas!

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  17. i just need you to know, i passed by this sign today and the drunkcyclist.com sticker is still there. they liked it. i knew they would.