Some shit that has nothing to do with cycling…

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But for me, this gets me motovated to delight in the suffering and put the dancing shoes on to shred some trail.

I came across this a few weeks ago and just keep watching it- blows my mind every time I watch it.

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Today I was on facefuck and my buddy Joe posted this video, again mind blowing.

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That’s it. I am gonna go ride now. I recommend you go ride too…

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7 Replies to “Some shit that has nothing to do with cycling…”

  1. “when i am skating on the streets, I can feel the people questioning my right to skate. Their opinions are meaningless to me.”

    We are teh same no matter what flag we fly. Even 12 year old girls in war torn countries know what’s up.

    this is way better than talking about doping.

  2. The bicycle world needs to get their shit together and do something like Skateitsan. That 12 year old girl has all of my respect. She has more courage than most people I know.

  3. …wow… young lives that have only ever known warlike conditions, who dunno if there’s gonna be food on the table each day but they’re out there creating a different life for themselves beyond looking at the obvious past & assuming it has to be their future & they’re doing it by skating the gnarly streets of kabul…

    …they get to be kids doing things kids need & love to do & in that environment, it definitely is way harder for the girls, so extra props to them…

    …& to think we used to skate (hey, i’m in my ’60’s) because it was not just fun but it represented freedom from the usual responsibilities of “having to grow up”…that’s still valid here but this video puts it all in perspective…

    …awesome, caveman, thank your buddy joe…

  4. there’s not a speck of sense in me saying here, insensitive bastards as you are, that i cried my way through the skateistan video. i’m saying it anyways. fucking saying that you should shit your pants at a cold funeral to feel a fraction of their misery. now i see that you should find a case of yellowbellies in a parking lot shopping cart to feel a fraction of their joy. kids are where it’s at, motherfuckers. stop bitching and help a few. land of the skate. those are winning children.

    i can’t even talk about the dancing. dude. holy ess.

    thanks a shitstack, cavey.