Fear and Loathing in the Four Corners

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The past seven days have been a blur of mountain biking, driving, and trying to look busy at work. My nerves are shot, my knees are sore, and I am consuming way more coffee than any human ever should. I guess that means it was a good road trip.

The plan was to get six guys together for some kind of “Biketoberfest” to celebrate Scandinavian Jesus’ birthday. We chose Durango, a town filled with great beer and even better trails. Three guys from the group went up early and called in the bad news. Durango was getting rained out in town and all the higher trails were going to be covered with snow soon. We decided to meet up in the parking lot of Phil’s World trails in Cortez to get some riding in and to come up with a plan. Turkey and I left Friday night and detoured through Flagstaff to break up the 7 hour drive. This little stop turned into a very late night (or early morning?) on the town. That’s right about when everything started to feel like a movie. The next morning, with heads pounding from too much scotch, we pushed on through the rest of the drive. We met up with the crew at the trailhead just as the rain and hail started. This left us with nothing left to do but get a room, put on your best cowboy shirt, and hit the town…

On this trip I learned that no matter how little sleep your crew has had, it is really easy to get them to the trailhead at 9am when you promise booze and singletrack. After a nice little ride, we checked the weather and saw there was no rain in Moab. We decided to motor on over there but not without first stopping to stock up before crossing into Utah.


We set up camp down by the river and settled in for a fine night around the campfire. The camp host was even nice enough to stop by and inform us of all the “violations” that we were committing. That was awful nice of him. We awoke at 4 am to a storm howling through the valley with crazy wind and rain that all but destroyed our camp. It knocked down or flipped over everything we had out except for one thing…


You can always count on the Sailor to weather out a storm.

The rest of the time was spent emptying our coolers and riding for hours on end. It’s rare that you can get six guys together and not have a single inflated ego amongst them. But that was in fact what happened for this little trip through the Four Corners, and it was a damn good time. As you can see the views were terrible too

amasa view

Have a great weekend everybody. As for myself, I’m heading down to Mexico with the touring bike. I’ll see you in a couple weeks

Keep it dirty.

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12 Replies to “Fear and Loathing in the Four Corners”

  1. Heading to Mexico on a touring bike.
    I thought about this consideration for several minutes today.
    Sounds like a Plan A if I’ve ever heard one.

  2. saw sum pics from the trip earlier this evening on the “social netwerk”, i do not believe you kids were hit by any “weather storm”. i think a battle between Sailor Jerry and theDuder may have reached a climax? i did see a bottle of olive oil also survived.

  3. Bike Punk, you and I are going to be just fine. You can drink the hell out of that Newcastle. Just leave me the Yellow Bellies and we’re straight.

  4. Nice, gentlemen. Wife and I killed a bottle of Sailor last night…pre-race training for the CX today…

  5. ha i suspected, we were not quite lucky enough that weekend to get the clear full moon for the white rim but we did ride bartlettz and then up gold bar rim under the moon, stomparillaz are too good at finding the camps with no hosts so we never saw ya