Where’s the mud?

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Poundage is seeping on. It’s October and I eat whatever I want. My shorts don’t fit the way they did in July. Fuck. Welcome to the 40+ club. Metabolism slows and it doesn’t take much to tip the scale. Or it could be that I no longer train my ass off everyday like an insane triathlete. Racing CX just about every weekend isn’t doing a damn thing, just sayin’.

Speaking of CX….

U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross Derby Cup! This weekend! Equal pay for women. Joan Hanscom runs the show. I wanted to work for her as soon as I found out she ran the USGP series. Imagine that, a female bike race promoter just an hour and a half away. I know I can learn a lot from Joan, so I told her I’d work both days. I am going to be running results on my bike, doesn’t that sound like a fun job? And racing Sunday too, ready to tackle the green monster. You can get live coverage info here.

green monster

Last weekend was the first round of the World Cup in Aigle, Switzerland. Check out the video, at least the first half to 1:23, the women. This looks like the funnest CX course ever, with a ride on a BMX pump track (:59)! Katie fucking whooped ass.
YouTube Preview Image

Those are the perfect CX race conditions too. I’d give anything to have shitty weather right now. Just a couple of good hard rains and we should be set.

I gotta give a shout out to the new Ohio Sandbagger Blog. This guy, who is totally anonymous, calls it like he see’s it. I love him! I always joke around here, if you podium, it’s time to cat up bitches. I think it’s hilarious, but all the real serious doucher’s just hate the guy. If you race in the OH/IN/KY region, and you podium in the same category year after year, you might just get called out by the Ohio Sand Bag Blogger!

** UPDATED – Ari-Up of the Slits died today

Ari Up, frontwoman for pioneering British punk band the Slits, died Wednesday, according to Sex Pistols’ John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), who wrote of the news on his website. The singer, born Arianna Forster, had long battled a “serious illness,” according to Lydon. She was 48.

Here is some real music for ya. I don’t know what-the-fuck kind of shit music some of these guys post on here. This isn’t shit music. If you can’t appreciate Sonic Youth, there must be something wrong with you.
YouTube Preview Image

Silly shit Dirrty sends me.

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18 thoughts on “Where’s the mud?

  1. Judi, sounds to me like you’re right on the cusp between time taking its toll and age imparting its wisdom. Hang in abit longer and it’ll be worth the wait. I promise.

  2. I am flying up for the USGP this weekend from South Florida for the races. Totally stoked to race out of town…way out of town.

  3. USGP is shaping up nicely i’ve been riding out every couple of days this season to check on progress and this week they’ve pulled together and made it happen.

    better be ready for saturday and sunday. i’ll have pink cupcakes at least one day, maybe both depending on their popularity and my drunken hunger. we’ll be manning the dirt club tent (blue and yellow KHS pop-up).

  4. @verboten, and on at the same venue as worlds 2013!
    @zach, HOLLA LOUD! i will be racing in a DC jersey, save me a pink cupcake please!

  5. True story of Kim Gordons Panties

    Kim Gordon: Big Black were playing in Amsterdam, it was their last tour, and we happened to be there. In the train stations they have machines where you can buy women’s underwear. It was Steve’s birthday, so I bought some to throw at him so he would feel like a rock god on his birthday.

    Thanks for the good sound Judi!

  6. Strange. That “pump track” shot looks an AWFUL lot like some of the single-track sections at PIR, which is where I’ll be racing Cross Crusade this weekend (and where the USGP Portland Cup will be in — yikes! — six weeks.) I know you’ll get tons out of hanging out with the vibe in L’ville, but I wish you could race here and school the people. Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Awesome post as always Judi. Sorry, I love all kinds of music, but Sonic Youth is the only concert I have ever walked out on. It was way too much of a “wall of sound” for my ears to handle.

  8. Not down with the cross so much, but the shit that Dirty has sent you blows my BMX mind. Jam out with your calm out cross girl! Oh wait, was that inappropriate?

  9. I meant to type “clam out” sorry. I have been drinking (as the sight implies) and I did ride a bike today.

  10. hoping for rain here in Louisville sunday while saturday unfortunately looks clear as can be. we’ll be heckling for/at you judi!

  11. Oh yeah — Judi, it helps if you get your gall bladder out, which many 40-something women end up having to do. Less fat absorption that way (as long as you stay active, of course!). It IS a radical step, and you may not qualify — they kinda like you to churn out the stones bigtime before they suggest it — but I’m just speaking from way too much experience here. Welcome to your 40’s, from someone soon to leave hers.

  12. @beth, that sounds like it requires way too many pain killers. i like to try and avoid those suckers if i can. :0)

  13. Laproscopy. In and out in a day. A weekend of bed rest with Bugs Bunny cartoon videos and the Sunday Times, coat the scar with Vitamin E and do very gentle Hatha yoga breathing to help promote healing. Not much in the way of heavy artillery pills here, I was done with those after a day. Just time off from work to care for myself. I was fine in four days and back on my bike within a week.