UCI3 Cincinnati Day 1 KatiefnCompton DOMINATES!

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This picture was taken like 2 seconds after her finishing. Katie is bombarded with cameras and mic’s in her face as soon as she crosses the finish line. Poor girl can’t even get a proper cool down. Or water, for that matter. Other girls were heaving coming across that finish line. Not Katie. All cool, calm and collected.

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CXMagazine reports:

In her typical fashion, Compton put pedal to the metal and soloed off the front, quickly creating a four-second gap. Undaunted by Compton’s charge, Bruno-Roy and Butler worked to chase down the leader. Winfield and Antonneau gave chase behind them, while Laura van Gilder and Barbara Howe (Ibis and the Danger Twins) formed another chase group.

Exerting her strength, Compton eventually widened the gap to 50 seconds and picked up the UCI3 Day One win. Butler rode in alone for second place, distancing herself from the other chasers with one lap remaining. Winfield rounded out the podium for third, making today’s results an exact replica of last year’s finish.

Right now, as I type this, Dominic is actually waiting on Katie and her family at the restaurant he serves and bartends. Katie is gluten free now and Dominic has a hook up on gluten free belgium beer.

I got an interview set up with her on Sunday after the last race. I can’t wait.

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21 thoughts on “UCI3 Cincinnati Day 1 KatiefnCompton DOMINATES!

  1. Come on Judi, spill it. What brand? I drink Corona because they are wheat free (the wart? is made with corn). It’s a hard yard for someone who grew up on Coopers Sparkling Ale.
    Please share.

  2. Forget the beer. Is this woman single? If so, there’s a single guy in Seattle very interested. I love a strong babe. I think she’d dig my cyclocross bike. She would sense immediately that I’m not a ‘category whore’ and that I’m genuine… bla bla bla… who am I kidding. I’ve got a slim chance and I’m not talking about the beautiful classic road frame.

  3. I’m delighted; this posting got me looking and I found O’Brien Brewing in Victoria, Australia and they even have distribution that puts it in a shop just 40 km from home.
    As Hunter used to say,”Res ipsa loquitor.”

  4. Judi: Hope you’ll get a chance to cover her “cramping” problem that she has had. I get the same thing if I’m riding hard and heavily, then do lots of travel time (on ass, immobile). I know she was working of figuring out the problem after traveling to EU and having her legs freak out and not work right during her biggest races. Is this why she went gluten free?

  5. “Dominic has a hook up on gluten free belgium beer”?

    You mean Bike Snob isn’t making this shit up? There really are people like that out there? Fuck! I thought it was parody.

  6. It’s really out there. Beer is using the term somewhat loosely, since it has no barley in it. I guess we call Corona (mostly corn) and Sapporo (mostly rice) beer, so I have to let that slide. They have to use different grains because barley has some gluten in it, and even low gluten barely can cause problems for people with severe enough issues with gluten. Weizens are right out for people with gluten allergies since they have wheat in them.

  7. The Rienhietzgebot (German beer purity act) says that you can sell it as beer only (and they mean ONLY) if it contains:


    Jesus, you’re really crying about this shit? There’s other ways to get shitfaced. Wine is fine. Brandy is even mas bueno. Speaking of which, I’d bet tequila is gluten-free. I mean just because booze was invented by Mesopotamians who found some “spoiled” grain…

  8. Oh, and el jefe? There’s a reason why real beer (unlike that Mexican pisswater Corona, or come to think of it, Miller lowlife) is put up in brown bottles. But I’m sure you’ve done your homework.

  9. yeah, i gotta stand w/joe on this one… beer contains only four ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast.

  10. Who’s cryin’? I don’t drink that shit. I just said it existed. I have a hard enough time accepting weizens as beer… And yes, beer should only come in brown glass. Clear and green glass are right out. The only time cans are acceptable is when mowing the lawn or floating a river…

  11. That ^^^ ain’t beer. Or is it? They seemed remarkably closemouthed about what they used as a substitute for God’s chosen ingredients. That sort of shenanigans always makes me go “hmmmm”.

  12. @16-Wasn’t talking aboot el jefe, eh. Just sayin’ there’s plenty of fermented goodness out there that has never been within a country mile of the gluten.

  13. Oh, as to the deal aboot canned beer, eh-I have only four words:
    Oskar Blues Gordon’s Beer.

  14. @Jittery.
    I stand corrected.

    Not being an alky means I don’t always drink to get shitfaced. Growing up on Coopers Sparkling Ale (naturally supplied in brown glass) means I miss drinking decent beer. Corona is not an adequate substitute for real beer, neither is wine or spirits. So if I can find something gluten free that looks like beer, smells like beer and tastes like beer, fuck it I’m going to drink it and call it beer.