Hipsters need love too. And, apparently, rugs.

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From: el jefe
Subject: I didn’t know hipsters needed area rugs for their lofts…

So, when you own a home, you get on all sorts of mailing lists. I’m not sure how I got on the list for modern hipster area rugs, but I thought I’d share…

If the neon on the cover doesn’t permanently damage the eyes, the statement about the bike is particular aggravating: “This bike is often parked right here in the dining room, when it’s not being ridden.”

Horse shit. Those two twatwaffles don’t ride that bike. That bike doesn’t get ridden. Resin bodied pedals, the rear brake cable isn’t even fastened to the top tube… and are the bars upsidedown in the second pic?

I’m in favor of more people being on bikes, but the urge to punch a hipster is growing…. If your going to use a bike to sell your unrealistically large urban loft lifestyle, at least use one someone might ride…

Right click, save as to feast your eyes upon the glory which is the Flor hipster catalog.

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12 Replies to “Hipsters need love too. And, apparently, rugs.”

  1. I’m with you, el jefe, that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’d a missed the rear brake cable. But only because I was smacked ‘tween the eyes by that rear brake shoe that was nowhere remotely close to hitting the rim.

  2. Can’t really flame him for that, Mountain. The front (only) brake on all my bikes, which are all fixed gears, falls under my right hand. Just feels more natural. It would probably stay that way is I ever built something with two brakes and a freewheel. I know for a fact it would if I put a freewheel on the flop side of my flipflop hub.

  3. The moto style doesn’t bother me. The uneven and flat brake levers do. The fact that they don’t know motherfucking proper seat height bothers me…

  4. When I was younger I always wanted to live in a beer commercial. Now that I am older I want to live in that catalog.

  5. el jefe, how do you know the proper “seat*” height if you don’t know the rider’s inseam or the frame size?

    *”saddle”, actually.

  6. @Joe: One of those geometric laws dating back to Vitruvius. “If the ratio of the minimum distance between the pedal and the ground to that between the saddle ridge and the top tube exceeds unity, the rider has no reproductive capability. Or won’t soon.”

    Though, I must confess my bike lives in my dining room. But; it’s the room closest to the door, it doesn’t have any paint (let alone neon), and it’s dirty. Very dirty.

  7. And I would have been a lot more likely to make it past page 3 of the catalog had they not failed so miserably at being hip. I want their kitchen too, but I can’t get past the faux hipsterness of how it’s presented.

  8. The tried too hard here but deejaybee said it well. A lot of the other rooms in the Flor catalogs are kickass.