Interbike Day 2

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Day two of the dirt demo was a hot and dusty ordeal and it seemed to be twice as crowded as Monday. We rolled up pretty early but it still seemed too late because there were very few bikes available in my size. I waited in line and got myself an Ibis Tranny. I am always in the hunt for the perfect travel bike and with this frame’s ability to break in two and fit in my S&S travel case is a real plus. My biggest concern (along with everybody else) was the possibility of the frame creaking from the connections when it gets dusty. In my experience, if something is going to creak from dust, it is going to happen by the second day of dirt demo. I even cornered the demo driver and grilled him with questions. He informed me that he spent the last year on the road with the demo bikes and never had to service the connecting points on the Tranny once.  I took out both the single speed and the geared iterations and to my surprise, no creaking from the frame. Now  the Crank Brothers seatpost on the thing creaked and slipped the entire time, no matter how much I tightened it. Beware of pretty anodized parts.


We gave the bikes back after a brief, yet in depth discussion on what the proper spelling of the plural of Tranny. Here at Drunkcyclist, we are always trying to find the right answer.

There wasn’t much else I wanted to try so we all grabbed random bikes, a bunch of free beer from Surly and Kuat Racks and rode to the top oft he little mountain. Bers were consumed, singletrack was ridden.


With all the bikes tested that we wanted to see, plus a few other wild cards, we decide it was best to leave. I knew of yet another swimming hole on Lake Mohave and decided to give that a try. It looked like this:

cliff jumping > interbike

It was one hell of a fun day filled with bikes, friends, and beer. I am about to head inside the Sands Convention center and browse all of the cool new stuff  and see some lady get married later…wish me luck

keep it dirty.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

7 Replies to “Interbike Day 2”

  1. Best part of dirt demo was when my buddy broke the Trek Remedy he was test riding… carbon mtb’s are such a bad bad idea. Frankly, if you ride somewhere where a carbon mtb wouldn’t get chewed up and spit out, you might as well ride a cross bike.

  2. carbon mtb is fine for an xc race bike, but for mortals with limited bank accounts or a lack of sponsorship it seems like a bit much. However, I’ve seen plenty of Al bikes break. (this region is particularly hard on Kona rear triangles…) The costs are just generally lower.

  3. …dirtybiker…

    …it’s obvious that ‘in-to-bikes’ @ lost wages ain’t your first rodeo, so my question is: have you seen anything actually new or innovative while steam trampin’ up n’ down the aisles or is it mostly just new shiny bling & stuff that’s kinda fun to look at ???…

    …signed: an interested reader…