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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

30 Replies to “How not to finish a bicycle race”

  1. fuck you MM (as usual) and BGW – it put a smile on MY face. i couldnt give a shit if you liked it or not. you always have some kind of negative shit to say. fuck. off.

  2. …”as usual“, judi overreacts to the truth…

    …the comments were “A) Fake B) @ 10+ years old” & “…i agree…certainly looks it”

    …nobody personally attacked you & both comments stand on their own…

    …have a great day…

  3. Wow Judi, you have serious anger mgmt. issues. I said nothing negative. I merely stated the facts concerning the video. It’s been proven as fake and it is, in fact, very old.
    As you did with Kerry Litka, you resorted to what you know, and that’s angry, poorly thought out retorts, that resort to name calling and foul language.

    Others have called it out ass being fake as well, yet you didn’t hurl 7th grade insults at them…just sayin’.
    I’m eagerly awaiting your eloquent response.

  4. MM- so that comment has been bothering me for the last 3 hours, and now im all jacked up on coffee, it’s a good time to respond.

    1st off MM – you’ve had nothing but shitty things to say to me since i started posting here. ive taken so. much. shit. here. i seriously don’t know why i continue. dominic often wonders why i keep on. one of these days i think he will put his foot down and make me quit.

    “As you did with Kerry Litka, you resorted to what you know, and that’s angry, poorly thought out retorts, that resort to name calling and foul language.”

    sure, kerry had some very intelligent things to say about the discussion on women’s bike racing. we both have come to peace with our posts and comments and we are both happy it created so much discussion.

    one thing is FOR SURE – gnome didn’t ask me to write for DC because of my super duper education. if you have ever met me, i type exactly how i speak, often using foul language in everyday discussion. drugs literally destroyed my brain, and you can tell when you meet both dominic and i. we are seriously behind in the brain cell department, and we’ll both be the 1st to admit it.

    that’s all i got. i think im going to skip the friday post ive been working on for 2 days. this site has got to me for sure.


  5. Actually, I’ve been complementary towards to you on a few occasions, mostly concerning your positive attitude towards racing.
    Real World time-
    As for your explanation for why you are the way you are, who cares? We all know you were a junkie and are recovering to this day. Good on you. Stop bringing it up every time you feel the need to defend yourself, or your behavior.
    I haven’t taken a drink in nearly 10 years (actually 10 years on Oct.1), yet I tell no one, as it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.
    I do not dislike you Judi, believe that or not. If you ride your bike, and you do, you are my friend!

  6. Alright.
    Who do you think is faster on a DH bike:
    Greg Herbold or Ann Caroline Chausson?


  7. judi, step back and breathe. In general people here have been very supportive of you, even when you’ve shown that you have a short fuse. No-one attacked your education in this thread. I don’t see how posting here is causing you so much stress. Tranqillo. It’s been neat to see you get into cycling, and how it’s helped you overcome your demons. Don’t sell yourself short. And learn to take a little ribbing from those of us who have been around the sport for a long time. Besides, this is the internet, you shouldn’t believe or take seriously anything on it…

  8. stick around Judi… you’re good juju and you’re doing it for all the right reasons.

    and to reiterate el jefe… it’s the internet gurl. it’s not for those with thin sensitive skin and the last thing you want to do on the net is respond to anything that rubs ya wrong.

    keep on keep’n on. you’re enthusiasm is great and it will be contagious.

  9. Judi, if you don’t like posting don’t do it. make yourself happy. this is the internet, not the real world. it is not important, AT ALL. if you like typing about bikes, do it. if you don’t then stop. but expecting everyone to support/have the same opinion as you will not serve you well either in the interwebs or the “real world.”