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First thing I saw this morning. Sad news.

Two-time Tour de France winner Laurent Fignon has died at the age of 50 following a battle with cancer, the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris confirmed on Tuesday.

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17 Replies to “Fignon”

  1. …i didn’t know it was inevitable, at least so soon…

    au revoir, ami

  2. …& in perusing various articles about fignon’s sad passing at only 50 years old, when i encountered the title of his book, “We Were Young and Carefree”, tears just welled up in my eyes…

    …i have the time today, so i’ll ride & it will be a simple tribute to a man who was never to be taken lightly when he animated races w/ his presence & a man who stood beyond the image of most bicycle racers when he was off le velo…

    un homme elegant, laurent fignon…

  3. Au revoir, Msr. Fignon.
    Allez allez

    If I had a systeme u kit I’d wear it today.

  4. The last formidable french rider on the last formidable french team. A sad end for a man with so much panache.

  5. May Good take care of him. I found the bicycle after watching hem and LeMonde duke it out in 1989. Absolutely classic pictures came out of that tour. He sure had a style that anyone could recognize when he was in the peloton. A sad day for me.

  6. Will never forget the ABC wide world of sports show when LeMond beat him by 8 seconds and his agony when he finished. Felt bad for the guy. Far too young.

    Cancer does not discriminate and I fucking hate it for that.

  7. I dont know Jacques , but Fignon to me represents Frances greatest champion rider . He was very humble and you dont find that often in France . Adieu

  8. Fignon exemplified class and intelligence and the ability to diplomatically be the capo of the peloton. I’ve been in a funk since yesterday upon hearing this news. The battles between he and Hinault in the early 80s and then the legendary battles with Lemond are what moved me from just riding BMX onto the road bike. Chapeau Monsieur Fignon!