Biker Down

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Jason Lummis was run down by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike down Dexter-Pinckney Road on Wednesday night.

As a member of the Bell’s Brewery Quiring Cycling Team, Jason was riding home from work at Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness, when police say, he was hit from behind at the intersection of Fleming Road and Horseshoe Bend.

The impact of the crash tossed Jason and his bike into a drainage ditch, and the driver just kept going.

“He really thought he was going to die in that ditch, and he had to crawl to find his backpack and dial 911,” said Kathy Lummis, Jason’s wife.

Doctors at the University of Michigan say Jason suffered multiple fractures to his back and pelvis as well as a deep puncture wound.

Read the rest:…professional-mountain-bike-rider-in-intensive-care-after-hit-and-run.

Tip to Angry Buddhist who posted this in the comment section to D2’s long overdue post earlier.

More on vehicle description here:

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7 Replies to “Biker Down”

  1. Dude, I know Jason, He is the man. This guy is the epitome of tough. Commutes 40 miles on Michigan’s dirt roads every day. Rain, Snow, Shine. 365 days a year. He doesn’t train, he just rides everywhere and man, he’s a beast. From what i’ve gathered, he lost alot of blood and fucked up his back but looks like he’s going to pull through. He drinks beer, is a family man, and rides hard. He’s one of us. Send him good vibes. This shit is getting ridiculous.

  2. Yeah, it is getting ridiculous.

    Starting to feel like a war, and we’re not winning.