Get out and get some

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My plan was to ride early. If I’m to get out on the bike, that is the only time it’s going to work. It’s hot as all hell in Phoenix this time of year, so most of the daylight hours are a bust. My daughters have a swim lesion at 8:30 am, and we have to be on the road by 8:00 am to make it. So, early it is.

I set the alarm for 4:30, thinking I’d ride about 5 or so, as I had done the week prior. Something woke me up around 2:30. The house wasn’t on fire and the kids were asleep. Went to the bathroom and drank a glass of water. Tossed and turned until 3:30 when I said fuck it. Got up, turned off the alarm and picked up my kit off the floor.

Downstairs in the kitchen for coffee and a glass of chocolate milk. Fill up the bottles with water and get the remains of my eldest daughter’s peanut butter sandwich out of the fridge. Put the blinking taillight on, sunglasses hung off the back of my collar, cell phone in a plastic sandwich bag.

I head south. It’s dark. I don’t see anyone for a while. I meet two guys crossing opposite myself at an intersection, each wearing the same jersey. We trade good mornings. Later, a solo comes by, a short wave and I’m on my way.

The legs felt good. Probably just a tailwind. The hills came and went, some felt good. Surprisingly good. The second to last one, straight into the wind that comes with the sunrise. Brutal. Howling. Low gear, really suffering. Shelter from the wind on the second kick, felt a lot better. I blame it on the wind. And why not, the wind deserves it. Bastard.

The sunrise from the north side of Mummy Mountain.
The sunrise from the north side of Mummy Mountain.

Ride back up north. Sun up. Sky from warm to pink to white to blue. Gorgeous. More riders out now, groups of fours and fives. I’m blown. Helmet off, hand through sweat laden hair, jersey unzipped. Still warm, cooler than when I started. Man, that felt good. It’s all roads I’ve pedaled many times before. The hills don’t change. It is I that has changed.

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25 thoughts on “Get out and get some

  1. …a tip of the ol’ cycling cap, sir…

    …most excellent…

    …& in doing as you should, the early dawn road was yours…

  2. I reckon the only thing I hate more than a brutal headwind is the random dog that always decides to chase me in the midst of a nasty, grinding out in your lowest gear climb. I got both yesterday. No excellence displayed then, only survival. And I hate those fucking dogs.

  3. Milk, chocolate or otherwise, before a ride ?

    I’d be puking 2 miles in.

    Cast iron stomach ?

    The leftover PB was a nice touch.

    And I’m with Snake. That sunset is cheesy. Work on it.


  4. Morning wind from the sunrise is evil. The beauty of the sunrise counteracts this. Don’t get rid of it. Be a manly man and stay proud of your cheese.

  5. i just wanna know how long it took you to figure out how to send that with your new phone. im not having any luck sending pix with mine.

    i digress.

    BJ, i loved this post, it’s good stuff. i hope your classes don’t keep you from the bike too much this year! and thats NOT a cheesey picture.

  6. I watched an mtb race on my home trails yesterday…cheered the riders on until I was hoarse…and, not unlike a new dawn, my desire to race has risen anew. Gunning for CX this fall/winter…and I can’t wait.

  7. Over the past weeks, I’ve been picking up a pint of milk – strawberry, chocolate, plain – at the Mormon Lake Lodge mid-rid 35 miles in during my long days. Calcium, fat, protein, carbs, potassium to boot? 260 calories for a buck fiddy. It is the perfect ride food as it quells the hearburn and fuels the remaining two hours. Fuck yea.

    Good ride report amibro.

  8. “like a picture of a dolphin jumping over the tazmanian devil.”

    …snegg hogg…when did you see my tattoo ???…& don’t you think the addition of the little kitty w/ the dagger & the deck of cards was a nice touch ???…

  9. If you’re active enough – everything is fuel. I recall a hot shot rider passing out donuts before the shootout.
    Camping near lake Elmore, I had cookies and a quart of milk for dinner. It was the cheapest, least ingredient food I could find there. When I went back through Elmore several months later, I did it again.
    Can your phone camera be set on a still place and take in a shot of the desert before sunrise? That would really show the beauty. Still no way to capture that early morning smell of the Sonoran desert.
    Is there automatic shutter speed with those micro-sized things?

  10. fine. the sunset is cheezy like a Sublime tramp stamp. strawlberry milk kills it.

    lj – you’re serious like a care bear facing a simple dilemma.

  11. Sublime tramp stamp? LMFAO @Hawk. @gnome, i know a lot of tridorks that swear by chocolate milk. i don’t care for taste myself but milk is excellent fuel food.

  12. @ Art. Your statement needs the conditional that it’s for recovery, post ride.
    (milkshakes work pretty well too)

    tho, I suppose thats common sense. Nobody wants to reach down for the bottle 3hrs in on a hot day and suck back some lumpy curds..

  13. I like those bottled frapucino mocha coffee drinks. A little sugary chocolatey caffeinated goodness to fuel the journey home.

    @kark. Yeah, I always stop at a store along the way and buy them fresh out the cooler. They’re not so appealing after a couple of hours in the sun.

  14. @Kark. I’m sure there are plans to repeat the study with chocolate cottage cheese, but they’re being held up by a lack of volunteers.

  15. dude, just cut the chocolate milk with some gatorade. Finest nutrition in the universe and it chunks up in the bidon less than straight choco-milk.