I dig your BBQ’ed lips.

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OB gave me a recovery week so I gave myself a blank check to eat whatever and I have gained about 15 lbs in 6 days. Yesterday I sweated out about 10 of those lbs at a hot yoga class (110 degree studio). That shit is so good. I also had some acupuncture which hit me like a mack truck. Have you ever had it? It’s some amazing stuff. I’ve been sleeping sooooo much better. I believe in the energy of qi.

Thanks for all of the comments on my last post about women’s racing. The discussion was all good, even the mean stuff. A little bit of screaming never did any harm. I need you to know that I am not just sitting on my ass doing nothing. Get involved, speak out, keep the fire bright and all that shit.

Onto bigger and better things – CYCLOCROSS! I am pumped for a second season. Ready to break out the knee socks and get dirty! I have committed to working three of the OVCX races, so if you come out to Devou, Harbin, or Gun Club, come over and say HI. Better yet, sign up and race.

There was a great article in Bicycling magazine this month about CX:

During the last five years, participation jumped from 32,000 to 72,000, and many of the new riders are women and juniors.

Riders below the elite level also discovered that ‘cross is less intimidating and time-consuming than other disciplines. You don’t have to think about traffic; there’s no road rash, no 40-plus-mile-per-hour descents, no strict code of conduct or overwhelming snobbishness about gear or apparel. “In ‘cross, no one gives a rat’s ass what you wear,” says Brad Ross, who runs Cross Crusade.

Maybe that’s why I wore a Batman thermal and pink socks to race in last year.

storm the greens

Say what you want about CX. It’s the most fun I have ever had on a bike. It gives me that same pukey feeling of crit racing, but I get to ride in the mud and get dirty. I often go down, crash, and fall victim to “cross cough” for days at a time, but it’s all worth it. BRING on the DIRT and the PAIN!


A couple local cyclists have put together a new site that deserves some attention. Check out Bicycle Monkey. From an article on Cincinnati.com:

Founded by two local cycling enthusiasts, Tim Humbert and Greg Tankersley, BicycleMonkey.com is a Web site that lets cyclists sell used road or mountain bikes, parts, tools and apparel to other cyclists or those just entering the sport. It operates like eBay.com, letting sellers list their items for auction for a set period of time…..

But Humbert and Tankersley didn’t want to operate another profit-hungry Web site. They developed a mission and business plan to reflect the community-minded spirit of the cycling world. BicycleMonkey.com lets sellers choose to pocket the proceeds or funnel them directly to charitable causes.

This is for MDOT dorks only:
What is an Ironman? Do you get paid for it?
I’ll be in Louisville next weekend for the Ironman volunteering as a swim marshall. If you are entered, look for me in a kayak on your 2.4 mile swim. No pussies are allowed to hang onto my kayak though.

LISTEN UP! Check out Reflect Sports.com.
If you have a female friend/partner/wife who rides and is looking for a GOOD chamois cream, look no further! Hoo Ha Ride Glide, made FOR women, BY women, is THE BOMB! Do your girl’s GIRL a favor and buy her some Hoo Ha Ride Glide. Women no longer have to use chamois cream named things like DZ NUTS.

My favorite song right now. Boss Hog. I Dig You. Really good stuff.

Late in the evening
Fall down drunk
You got me feeling
Not drunk but drown
Knock my teeth out
Make way for the gold
That’s my guarantee
My love, my word

Baby, I dig you

YouTube Preview Image

Have a great weekend.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

28 Replies to “I dig your BBQ’ed lips.”

  1. “cross cough” – oh how i wait for thee!

    “Say what you want about CX. It’s the most fun I have ever had on a bike.” – same here. i’m waiting for cross, like a kid waits for christmas. cross riding reminds me of being 10 years old and ripping through shit on my bmx bike. love it!

  2. no, don’t have any pussy galore in the library, but does Nashville Pussy count?

    kidding, I vaguely remember pussy galore being another J Spencer project/band/whatever but thats as much as I knew. Where they as solid as the rest of his stuff?

  3. just youtubed it, and answered my own question. Very sold. Thanks for the heads up on that Judi.

    Jon Spencer & assoc. = scary genius.

    Funny story:
    my pal and roomate back a dozen years years used to come back from pub and pass out on the couch all the time. It kinda bugged me cause he’d be stinkin up the joint when I’d find him there in the morning all too often.
    I’d sometimes queue up ‘Skunk’ from Now I got worry, crank the volume up to pain threshold hit play and watch him bolt like he’d been punched in the brain.

    If you know the song you’ll appreciate thats high on list of
    The Most Horrible Way To Wakeup Ever.

  4. Yeah, Big fan of the Sonic Youth over here. Pre Dirty Boots they used to be like the acid test for if someone was a real music junkie or not.

    but did you see this? Starbucks will be selling a Sonic Youth compilation.
    File that under: ‘Worlds Colliding’ or ‘WTF’ or maybe just ‘I am officially old’


    to be clear that’s not to be mistaken for a ‘sellout’ criticism.
    Even rock star heroes have to buy groceries.

  5. starbucks and sonic youth? i do not like the sound of that (starbucks coffee tastes like ass). but again, you can’t blame them for wanting a piece of the $$ pie.

  6. Sonic youth. Respect it, but don’t get it. I have like 5 albums a friend gave me, just don’t get it. Can’t get enough of these Cold War Kids though. Fucking amazing imo.

  7. Loren..I recommend putting on the song 100% and crankin the shit outta it.
    Super fuzzy bass tone.

    Anybody else jackin off to Silversun Pickups out there?

  8. Don’t have that one I’ll have to youtube it. I have Daydream Nation, Murray Street, Rather Ripped, and Sonic Nurse. I bought SP’s Carnavas from a coworker, it’s good, but has gone kinda flat for me.

  9. @kilgore, i LOVE the silversun p/u’s. its good to talk music with you guys, my best friend that turned me onto to so much cool music is dead now. i am always open to new suggestions.

  10. The Heavy UK

    Thin White Rope

    Interpol “Evil”

    Bad Brains “Banned in DC”

    Toy Dolls

    etc etc……

  11. I was just bouncing back n forth between Sonic Youth, Rocket from the crypt, Jesus & Mary chain and pavemment.

    I like the silversuns but they’re a bit lightweight for the above playlist. ..and I know jack zero about the cold war kids, so thats something to look into.

  12. Miles Davis, “Kind of Blue”.

    John Coltrane, “Giant Steps”.

    Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane, “Live at Carnegie Hall”.

    Bill Evans Trio, “Live at the Village Vanguard”.

    I’m old. I’m cranky. And I’ve probably had more than a serving of Wild Turkey. But I love this music and need it like the air I breathe. Just thought I’d share.

    Oh yeah, and I’d drag my balls across a hundred yards of broken glass to hear Black Flag, “Damage”.

    Eclectic much? Me too.

  13. Speaking from personal experience, ‘cross cough’ might be exercise-induced asthma (which I’ve had for years), and not something to be taken lightly. You should have that checked, before you do (more) permanent damage to your lungs.

    And nice sox.

  14. Holy fuck, Jonny, where do I start? “A half an hour to appreciate”? Try a lifetime and change. Been trying to get a handle on this since before you were born.

    But it’s all good, yaknow. Wanna know why I put my axe up afew years ago? I mostly tell folks it’s because playing turned into just another job. Or that I’ve had it with playing for so many drunks.

    But since it’s you, Jonny, here’s the truth-I’ve heard the real stuff. I would give nothing less. And I’m not sure I’ve got it in me, or ever will.

    But I know where to find it when I need it. That’s something, I guess.

  15. Oh yeah-Jonny? Thanks for the ‘Trane video. Don’t know how I missed that one. I will savor it. Be well, my friend.

  16. I saw Boss Hog back when Christina would forget to put on clothing before she came out on stage. Now an old acquaintance of mine is their baby sitter. Growing old is for the birds.

  17. Good stuff, el jefe. “Beer salesman”. Yep, know where he’s coming from.