One to get you through your Friday

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If you are like me, and having a rough day at the mill… watch this. It should make it a little bit better.

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I could watch  that all day.

Thanks to Sara in NJ for that one.

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22 thoughts on “One to get you through your Friday

  1. Very cool arrangement. Where are the bassist and guitarist, since there’s no way that they could hold down the rhythm part of some of those sections without it?

  2. That’s fucking rad.

    Scoottay – I hope you’re being sarcastic? The drummer was holding down the rhythm, and the violins were doing the guitar and bass parts…that’s the point.

  3. And they covered a real band with real music… Win all the way.

    The drummer could hit a little harder, but if she keeps at it, she will.

  4. if you don’t like just imagine the violins are your rod and it works wonders. you won’t even hear the music….or joyful noise as it were. thanks DB.

  5.…listen more closely. There are more instruments in my ear than what I see being played. You can clearly hear a base line in some of the sections that clearly isn’t being played by either of the violinists. Also, even if you ran a violin through a distortion pedal, there’s no way in hell you could get a sound that much like a guitar. Sorry, but I gotta throw the BS card. Still doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a solid track that pays homage to the original.

  6. I wasn’t going to mention it (that video has been around) but I’m with Mr. Scoottay, there’s a couple of synthetic tracks there or a couple of musicians sitting on the side.

  7. All of you assuming that they were actually playing there are cracking me up. Oooof.

  8. I call BS.
    Drum track doesn’t line up with the girls drumming.
    No cords on the violins (can’t see a wireless pack on the ladies either).
    The track is so well mixed there’d have to be at least 4-6 mics visible…there aren’t.

    cool track, though

  9. My guess is that they did the track in a studio with multiple takes, and then shot the video outside. You don’t get that clear sound in what looks like someones back patio. It obviously had mixing and post production, because the drums are perfectly clear (and not drowning out the violins), nothing is individually mic’d, and there are some obvious second tracks… It looks to me like at least the drummer is actually playing. Look at her timing in the cymbals… and anyone who can fake play that well, can probably really play. Still, violins don’t really belong in rock n’ roll…

  10. “Still, violins don’t really belong in rock n’ roll…”

    @el jefe— we’re at risk of splitting hairs here, as I for one believe there are some pretty rockin’ bands, but I tell you what, a cello really does work in a rock’n’roll song.

  11. Do you think they will get together with Jimmy Page and Ashley MacIssac for “It Might Get Loud 2”?