I like to ride my bike.

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Here’s a post I dont think I’ve seen up here in a while.  I went on a mountain bike ride yesterday, it was glorious, I drank a couple beers afterwords, they were glorious, I enjoyed some good conversation during the ride, that was glorious, and if I had the money I would have hit up a strip club after the ride to get the original Drunkcyclist.com experience (bikes, beers, and boobs).  Sure that funky little ride around France is keeping the attention of plenty of folks round the world, but I’d rather ride my bike on trails instead.  Sure I could spend some time going on about how I wish people would use bikes for more everyday activities like going to work or the store, but instead I’ll direct that energy towards enjoying my friends and the good life.  Riding bikes is awesome, tipping back a drink or two if you so choose is awesome, enjoying the simple things is awesome.


A view of Big Sky Country


BA enjoying the fine singletrack


I also figured out that the next time I have a buddy in jail, I’ll pass on scrapping together bail money instead they can have a cake with a file inside.

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About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

17 Replies to “I like to ride my bike.”

  1. woke next to my sweetie then rode a bit around town… 2 for 3.. hoping for a hat trick…

  2. That’s not a file, 40. It’s a rasp. More useful for smoothing than actual cutting. Crackin’ good post just the same.

  3. Got some (trail not tail) today. Plus a little World Cup Final action (again not tail). All the same a great day to ride in the Michaux State Forrest and drink cold beers in the shade.

  4. I rolled fifty-one miles today. “Paid it forward” by handing my spare tube to some hapless flatted dude out along East Lake Sammamish. This morning’s gray marine layer burned off as I rode and it became another PERFECT Pacific Northwest Summer day. Great Blue Herons along the Sammamish Slough, Bald Eagles over the lake. Stopped at Red Robin is Issaquah and the publican there remembered my order: a bowl of chili with all the fixin’s and a pint of Mannys. Arguably the best day of my short life so far.

    Not so for Lance— dude hit the deck THREE TIMES today? That’s just harsh.

  5. Joe – yeah I know it wasnt a proper file, but it was all that was lying around, and I’m too much of a lazy fuck to go out and buy a proper file.
    Mikey – sounds like a great ride for you, Lance not so much.