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Here’s a little breakdown of Tour favorite Alberto Contador courtesy of The Onion. They seem to have a pretty good handle on things.


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19 Replies to “Contador.”

  1. A classic in July…. Love it!

    “Took 21 days to win one race” Funny as hell.

  2. contador fucking is a bad ass ! Did you see him hop the curb , pedaling I might add and attack with a sergeons precision ON TO THE WHEEL , are you fucking joking me ! if frank could have pulled that off he would be in the hunt instead he is out of the tour . I like the way el pistolera fires his shit on ..

  3. Okay, That was funny. The Onion is usually truer (more true?) than the real news.

  4. The hottest damn thing since Hinault.

    That boy can ride a bike. He lets his legs talk for him, unlike some others ………

  5. allez littlejar, what is your finest vintage of butt cheese? may you take a slice of the finest and stuff it down your throat? thanks.

  6. the condor. contendor. cottondoor. contedork. cont dorcula. any takers? nicknames? i mean, he’s not spartacus. el pistolero sounds like a clear toy watergun.



    punjab? i give.

  7. You could try El Matador but that sort of sounds like a gay condom.
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that of course…)

  8. …not a fan of el flaco spaniard but he did acquit himself well today…

    …far from me not to recognize a well ridden effort on a stage as tough as today’s…which also extends out to ryder hesjedal…too bad the kid couldn’t get the win…

    …props also to a certain 38 year old tejas-ian, who after flatting, came on fucking strong to get back to a reasonable position & not lose everything…

    …double props to spartacus who ‘motored’ his ass off bring the young andy schleck back into contention & in the end was rewarded w/ reclaiming the yellow…nice…

    …today was, as they say, “not a day you could win the tour but it was a day you could definitely lose the tour on”…

  9. Why did the uniballer have a carbon wheel on the front . Its common sense that you need the wheel set that is aluminum like one of them Ambrosi sets
    look down the line and see that almost everybody on Easton and bontragers flatted . Sponsors ?

  10. I love it when Armstrong gets his ass handed to him or has the bad luck and he tries to show humility, but then can’t b/c his obnoxious need for glory won’t let him….so pathetic. The “Strongest team on paper” just got worked…fucking paper champions.

  11. …hey, hump

    …what’s pathetic are your sad little diatribes against armstrong when they’re not based on reality…

    …the guy had a problem, took a wheel, got some serious help from popo & proceeded to put in a masterful chase across the stones…

    …he lost time when he didn’t want to but fully admitted that while yesterday, he had bad luck but that he’s had plenty of good luck in the past…

    …your point is pointless…duh…

  12. Fucking traffic laws don’t apply to me. Just like cars don’t think that I am worthy to use the road.