Look, a Fire! Where the Hell’s My Gasoline?

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Oh, right, here it is.

Just pourin' it on.
Just pourin' it on.

How’d Lance do today?

You're so right.
You're so right.

This was such a jolly weekend. Quite jolly, in fact. Jolly enough to make me feel alright about a day of work today. My hands are still dirty from work, which brings a fine feeling of accomplishment, of satisfaction. When I was teaching, I used to miss dirty hands…dirty t-shirts…filthy shorts. The muck of someone else’s tires, the grit of someone else’s derailleur. The days of appreciation for such things are rarer now, but they are still just as strong.

I think if I got a larger paycheck from wrenching, I’d be full-on satisfied. But alas. This is the real world, full of mean words, meaner bills, pissy customers, and shitty language. Let it be on you. Just don’t let it get in you.

The Gnome is hard at work making sure you get it:

Mighty Moderator!
Mighty Moderator!

I’m straight, on the river… (that one’s for you, Snake. I think it’s catchy, don’t you? Ha…)

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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

15 Replies to “Look, a Fire! Where the Hell’s My Gasoline?”

  1. Lance did great. On the two mile run to the coop, I let him off of the leash for the bike path. He was a little sluggish on the bridge, but I reminded him of his goal for the destination by saying: “Lance – kitty food.” and he was thus rewarded with a can of cat food as I drank my coffee. He then had a great poop in the field on the way back.

  2. I can understand why you flip off the bike. Those plastic pedals suck. Is that a Gary Fisher??? He’s no Tom Ritchey.

  3. Altus Canti’s. The great equalizer. Oh how I love the sound of your spring housing cracking. One of the many failures I have grown fond of.

  4. …oh ya, motherfucker, what’s that ???…your IQ ???…

    …oh, wait !!!…sorry…consider this a written apology…

    …i thought you were somebody else…mwaha…& you might think about utilizing an organic citrus cleaner followed by an application of an aloe based hand cream…just sayin’…

    …btw…gary fisher is smarter than he looks…mwaha, again…it’s just the bowler hat, the red plaid & the spats…fools ’em all the time…

    …& tom ritchey, like a lotta old school guys rides without a helmet all the time…

  5. I think that Gary is a very switched on individual

    His great strength is that he can read popular trends before they’re mainstream & take advantage of them.

    look at his latest bike range, one of the SUV bikes comes with electric motor assist.

  6. Tom I like, I like his gear & he had me with Project Rawanda.

    Plus he said lots of nice things about NZ after he had been here.

  7. …gnomer…i’ve known the man for almost 40 years, ridden tons of road & dirt miles w/ him years ago, learned more about bikes & old school training from him than any other one individual, done design work for him, pre-trek, benefited from his largesse & i do consider gary to be a friend but i could prob’ly say the same as you…

  8. Words from the Oracle.

    I envy you BGW, you were there when it was all happening.

  9. …to paraphrase “the clash”…

    Everybody say, “Is he all right?”
    And everybody say, “What’s he like?”
    Everybody say, “He sure look funny.”
    That’s…Montgomery Clift / gary fisher, honey!

    …hurben’s right…gary is a very intuitive, in tune, finger to the pulse kinda guy…good logic, pays attention to what might make sense…

    …& i’ll tell ya this & i’ve said it before::: gary ‘fucking’ fisher is first & foremost a serious ass cyclist…always has been, always will be & he was that a long fucking time before it was fashionable…

    …gary has an honest-to-god, from-the-heart vision of cycling for the future…he leads by example whether one can appreciate his tastes or not…

    …& the clothes & shit ???…ever hear the old saw “there is no ‘bad’ publicity” ???…that & gary’s just having a little fun…nobody’s gonna forget him, right ???…

    …i’d say he’s just sayin’…

  10. ah, enlightening. I don’t believe the man is known for what he is. That pomp has always been my issue. I like genuine.

    Hold the Gold Lamé, please.

    just say’n

  11. …it is somewhat of a dichotomy for a lotta cyclist’s when they see the crazy outfit’s & hear some folks attitude about him but then again, gary usually takes time to talk w/ anybody on the subject of cycling whether they’re new to the game & he’s encouraging their interest, or they’ve been around & wanna talk spec shop…

    …deep down, the ‘genuine’ is there but he does gloss it over real well…little bombastic but, ya, he’s genuine…

    …of course the motherfucker hasn’t called me back on several messages as of late…hmmm…