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17 Replies to “Dominic is bringing back the CHERRY PICKER”

  1. …in Dominic’s defense, he was ACTUALLY popping-up into a “Candyman” and his feet got all tangled. ;o)
    Martin Aparijo, Woody Itson and R.L. Osborn would be proud of Dom for old-school props…!
    (Judi, ask him what that guy’s name was that used to ride for General – Fred something-er-other…he used to bust-out pedal pickers ‘n such.)

  2. ehhhh dave – dominic told me to call it a cherry picker! i cannot keep up with the names of all these fucking tricks. they all seem to be related to sex in some way though.

  3. Ha! I was just kidding you, Judi…! That’s a Cherry Picker alright, with some bounce! Dom taught me how to pull a Candy-Man waaaayyy back in the day, if memory serves…I think Dom used to pull a Candy-Man from a forward Macaroni or wrong-foot half-lash.

  4. thanks, Zimmerman! I knew it was something like that…but for some reason, my brain was stuck on “Savage”, and that was the kid’s name from ‘Life Goes On’ or something…ha! (why they hell did I even know that…and admit to that?!)

  5. end result due in a couple months is cherry picker to bunny hop tailwhip out. my goal is to marry old school and new school. (dominic is typing this, not judi). thanks for the props.

  6. I thought a cherry picker was when you did an endo with your foot stuffed between the front tire and the fork crown, then swung the frame 360 degrees around the fork and popped back down.

  7. @nyhc00 – dominic can do those but he uses a front brake. oh no. now he’s standing over me telling me to type this – he pulled a triple decade!!!

  8. hahaha Judi, that’s awesome!!! I have nothing but respect for Flatland riders and the skill and patience they have. I grew up racing then riding street and trails, now just the trails in my yard and the local skateparks.