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9 thoughts on “Keep It Real.

  1. “Helmets? We doan’ need no steenkin’ helmets. VAMANOS MUCHACHOS!”

  2. I was weened on bikes like that. My boy got the Specailzed Hot walk. He’s ahead of me for sure. At 2.5 he’s got skillz for shizzle.


  3. My 4-year old daughter has a ’71 Lil Tiger that she rides with pride. It was converted to a coaster brake and tubulars years ago by an old Schwinn wrench for his kid. The reaction from the neighborhood kids is classic. Long live banana seats!

  4. The hot bike when I was growing up was the Raleigh Chopper.

    Banana seat, ape hangers, small front wheel & the all important 3 speed T-Shift with Sturmey-Archer hub.

    They released a new version a few years ago, no banana seat, just a normal seat with a padded backrest & no T-shift, apparently they were ‘dangerous’ so it came with a grip shift and rear derailleur.

    Sunk like a brick.

    There are some things that you do not screw with.