Cyclist escapes cops.

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Sorry if this has been posted….but it’s just too rad to not put out there.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

31 Replies to “Cyclist escapes cops.”

  1. Po-po are about as useless as tits on a bull in this stagnant cesspool of inbreeding. The Barneyfife that “served” as chief of police after his predecessor got fired for letting his kid skate on a charge (after he’d given the local mucky-mucks’ nasty spawn all kinds of breaks) was in drug rehab for awhile. Jesus, I hate this little shithole of a hicktown. But my wife and kid are happy and safe. Still, if I ever win the lottery I’ll buy the town and have it condemned.

  2. I hope they get that guy. The last thing we need as cyclists trying to stay safe among hostile motorists who already think of us as spandex-clad, traffic-law breakers is a guy like that.

  3. …i think the po-lice should chase down, arrest & beat the perpetrator of this video within an inch of his life for the fraud involved…

    …in other words, like humpty, i ain’t buyin’ it…

  4. Looks like Seaside cycle is right. I just watched the longer version (1:02)of the two posted on Youtube and “” shows up on the screen at the end. Sure looked real….except for the speed of the cyclist. I thought it might have been Cancellara.

  5. judi thanx for posting, i have love this since the first time i saw it a few years back. an all time fav. thanks
    hows it healin?
    get back soon

  6. @jimmy – im on day 7 off the bike. ive swam and ran every day. chlorine is drying it up but there’s still a huge lump of scar tissue thats not going anywhere.

  7. rockychrysler ~ That video is so old, I think I posted it when this was an html site. That video is so old, I forgot how it ended. That video is so old, an entire generation of Americans has never seen it.

  8. @Chrysler – When I click on your page, the first thing I see is a blog post about old movies.

  9. …uh, crockychrysler…your ego called & said how cool you thought you’d sound mentioning the phrase “chasing-cool license” but in truth your little bon mot flopped like a stray tuna (fish) on the dock…

  10. @BGW,
    Auchtung, Oldt Man, do Not make me go there Audn’t slap you silly!!
    Cheech & Chong withstanding, take care out there.

  11. Nothing at all, I just felt a Cheech & Chong moment coming on. I apologise if you were offended.

    Trust me, you will always have my respect.

  12. Ha !!

    Theze are killing ze girl tonight, Oldt man…

    You can save her….

    Loved those two.

    A window into our times..

    Take care out there.
    (Oldt Man)

  13. …hurben…’choo catch my mention of ‘the sons’ on the littlejar rant ???…

  14. Got that, my spelling mistake, ‘The Sons’ are right up there with the Grateful Dead, Big Brother, Quickslivers Messanger Service, etc as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m living my life musicaly retrospectivly, when I was there, I had neither the money, nor the freedom, (i.e. I was getting my arse shot off), to enjoy these artists.

    Having said that, I’ve just recently taken delivery of the finest manual known to man, John Muir’s ‘How to keep your Volkswagen alive’, I wave it in front of all the wonder kids that end up in my team, saying that this is what I wnat to see you document.

    They have no idea.

    BGW, big hugs to you.

  15. …how do i get an e-address for you…i’ve got personal stories about every band you just mentioned…

    …don’t wanna bore the dc regulars…

  16. BGW, ‘Time will bring you love’, absolutely fucking magic.

    A few months ago I went to a James Taylor/Carol King concert in Auckland & it was the best $200 that I have ever spent in my life.

    Damn near cried when he hit ‘Fire & Rain’.

    & Carol was fucking awesome as well.

    Leonard Cohen is coming down soon, I have mixed feelings, I always regarded his music as a downer but he is getting such great reviews

  17. I don’t know what to say to that. Art is only supposed top make you happy? “Suzanne”. “The Partisan”. “Famous Blue Raincoat”, even. Granted these are not “happy” songs, but sometimes it just feels good to feel.
    I placed a Cohen CD in the player while taking the family on a little trip, though, and they unanimously hated it. Called it “depressing”. Each to his own, I guess.

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  19. Hey Electric Joe,

    Good thoughts & yes, I don’t know.

    Leonard Cohen was here recently & a member of my team went to see him, her comments were that he was an ‘Elder statesman’ who had matured into his music. Especially raved about his rendition of ‘Hallelujah’, so yeah, I might end up seeing him anyway, God knows, it’ll probably be the last opportunity in my lifetime.

    At least he has not become a parody of who he was, like Blondie, (i.e. Debbie Harry), who is also due down here.

    James Taylor & Carol King, that was money well spent, one of the most magical evenings of my life.

    Not sure about ‘depressing’ music, I love English folk music like Steeleye Span, songs like ‘Blackjack Davey’ & ‘Fighting for Strangers’ are so incredibly bloody they should be depressing but they are not.

    Leonard Cohen’s 70’s ‘Songs of Love & Hate’ totally switched me off.

    Just different Strokes for different folks.