My $4.99

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OK so i went to the local newstand and fought through all the bullshit magazines (would you be shocked to learn there are 398 periodicals on sale at the barned and IGnoble on val vista in mesa?) to find the june 2010 issue of mountain bike magazine. why you ask? because the fucking .com version does not contain the five page write up on juan grande, so i had to plunk down my 4.99 american dollars and buy that shit.

here are select shots for your teasing pleasure… like that seinfeld where they record the new release in the theater with a shitty handheld camera and rip tapes and sell ’em black market.



my favorite part of the article? not the quote about the liver lasting long enough….. no – the last quote…

That is all I have to say.

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14 Replies to “My $4.99”

  1. A cult? Where’s my kool-aid? And dammit, it better be spiked like a neanderthal club.

  2. Damn, I remember when this site was FREE (although my Platinum Expanded Super Pass has been totally worth it).

  3. I read the article at Borders. Didn’t pay a penny out of pocket.

  4. no, Idiot_circus that pic is for ‘members only’.
    It’s what you get for 4.99. a pic of BJs pinched sack.

    ..still baffled by how he managed to do that.

  5. That pic caused lasting damage to myself and the reputation of this website in the eyes of a significant female in my life…no need to dredge that up again.

    I was in mid-cringe when I hear “what the FUCK is THAT?” behind me…took a little time to completely explain, and even then the final response was “why would you want to look at that? EWWWW!” or something pretty damn close to that.

  6. good on ya Senna. I haven’t even seen a copy yet.

    But, the funny thing is that “The Drunk Cyclist” isn’t really sobering up. In reality, the booze is just an accessory to good times as it always has been. Or perhaps the point from the beginning was to be drunk on cycling. That works for you don’t it? It works for me too.

    Hope the dry side remains a ramble of sweet prime.

  7. Where’s my pr0n?

    Some of us have been lurking for a very long time. And isn’t the thing of the thing about transitions?

  8. gnome, works for me too! When it comes to keeping it real, this website is it!!

    (You can tell BJ I said so !!)

    (Damn exclaimation mark (!) key’s stuck)

  9. I wonder if it’ll end up over here? I’d like to flip thru it as well.

  10. KICK ASS! Way to represent. This is an article worth reading. If you visit this site, I would even go so far as to say its a prerequisite. It made me rethink and appreciate some shit. Like a previous comment on Justice.
    Way to go Big Jonny! I may be new here, but I can sense a huge amount of history. Kind of like a legacy. A real Bad-Ass Legacy.

  11. …christ almighty…now i’m gonna have to go out & find a copy…damn…

  12. Big Jonny, Nice story. funny, mountain biking is usually better than bicycling. Glad to see your life is getting better. My heart went out to you when you were down. It’s amazing how nothing bad happens to drivers who run cyclists over. It’s just so wrong on so many levels but the authorities don’t give a rat’s ass. Keep up the good work.