Any [Seattle] City Council members reading this evening?

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Out for a walk in lower Phinney at about 9:00 AM means lots and lots of kids (and parents) riding bikes to school at 58th and 4th.  Some kids under ten actually taking the streets in twos and threes, and I just was amazed at the drivers trying to pass them.  As far as I’m concerned, when kids take a neighborhood lane on a residential street, it’s theirs.  Don’t pass them, dipshits.  Fucking WAIT.

Proposed City of Seattle Municipal Code:

It shall be unlawful to pass a child appearing to be under age 12 on a bicycle with a motor vehicle on a city street when child is not on the sidewalk.  Persons violating this statute may be fined $360 or up to 9 days jail with aggravating factors.

It occured to me that some of these drivers were possibly the parents of the kids (3 bike tow hitch rack was one clue) and maybe this was some kind of training for life thing going on – but good on the parents who rode bikes and weren’t in cars trying to pass their own (or other people’s) children.

Favorite tire ever: 28 width Continental 4 season Grand Prix.  This tire is currently on my leading edge.  Clearly to me, the best vehicle for bouncing around a city is a road racing bike that fits you like a glove.  I’m dreaming of some tubular wheels, and an end to the sluggishness in my 32x14ga.

Had to go to the Fred Meyer hoping they were carrying local made pita bread. (Tuna salad on pita is how I treat myself when I’m feeling not so good) As I bent to ask a guy stocking bread where I might find pita packages, it occured to me that I know this man.  A friend of mine from 6+ years ago, from Tucson.  The guy knows bikes and can ride them and I imagine he can smoke me in the short runs.  Well, last time he saw my LaBan, it was green with gaudy white lettering (original owner, you’re out there somewhere) and he got to ride it around on his pound-a-can break.  First, he tried a track stand.  Then, he took it around the lot.  Too small.  Yeah, dude… you’re 6’3″.  Good to see you again, Silas.

Clouds were looming as we spoke.  With celery and bread packed in, I crossed Leary with finesse, watching as another cyclist was pounding at some traffic light pedestrian thing [you’re wasting your time, man] and headed home.  The downpour came hard, and the neighbor kids were out in it, happy to be scooting around in the rain.   What is life, without sidewalks?

kids on the ave

Senna’s tuna salad:

1 can tuna

green onions pulled up from garden, chopped real fine or a shallot raw

2 cloves garlic, pressed or diced

1/3 bunch of celery, cut finely

1 carrot, small, shredded

A few spoonfuls mayonnaise, and/or:

olive oil, mustard, tamari mixed or:

handmade mayonnaise (1 egg yolk beaten with oil)

+ a few squirts lime or lemon, salt, pepper, and a tiny pinch of cumin, turmeric, and cayenne

fresh parsley if you got it.  Good with rice or any kind of bread.

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4 Replies to “Any [Seattle] City Council members reading this evening?”

  1. “It occured to me that some of these drivers were possibly the parents of the kids”

    Those are the dipshits who won’t let their kids ride to school ‘because it’s too dangerous.’ That is a black hole of stupidity right there, and it’s happening a hundred million times a day in the U.S.

    I went ahead and rolled up Washington Pass from Mazama (N. Cascades Hwy) yesterday, that’s a big ol’ hill. It was snowing at the top and I may have been hypothermic on the descent, I don’t really remember.

  2. No, they were letting their kids ride to school, only defeating the purpose by driving beside them as they rode. Ridiculous, for sure. This is Seattle, though.