Tuesdays with Dirty: Booty Calls

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I’m back, I just took a few weeks off.  Life seemed to get boring and uninspiring so decided it was best to not share that misery with the general public. The good news is that life looks to be picking back up again with a lot of badass road trips on the horizon. This weekend will bring me  to the side of the road at the Tour of California for at least the Big Bear stage and I might even wander into LA for the TT. Be on the look out for the guy on the purple Surly with panniers full of beer. Oh, and I might be in an ape suit…it should be a good time.

Yesterday I decided to break out the singlespeed for the first time since my sufferfest at Old Pueblo and it was a glorious reunion. Have you ever had that booty call that you know is going to be a good time, but you still don’t call them because you have something new around, or you have called it too many times already?…that’s how it was with this bike.  After three months of watching sentinel over all the other bikes from the top rungs the rack we went and got busy in the desert for a few hours. It was good, and I will do it again tomorrow.

I came across a pretty cool blog the other day by BMX icon Taj Mihelich. Its called Fairdale and there are a lot of great stories and other random shit on there.  One I thought was particularly interesting was when he was Mat Hoffmans stunt double. Check it out, leave comments, he is a good guy and his part from the old Forward video still motivates me to ride to this day.

I will leave you with this little clip of Taj putting one of the best technical mountain bikers to shame

YouTube Preview Image

Much respect to Snake and the Rice Clean boys for their state championship win!

Keep it dirty.

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9 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: Booty Calls”

  1. “taj got fat!” dominic just screamed in my ear. he also screamed “YEA” about 20xs watching that video. now he’s asking me to tell you “all hail animal chin”. whatever. so is that new motorhead playing in the backround of that video?

    my friend charlie c is in la this weekend watching the tt. i wish i was there! you are lucky as shit. have fun.

  2. I dented the seatstay on my all-time, most-favoritist bike two weeks ago. Pretty bad dent, too. Like…not sure it’s rideable dent. A death dent. Custom-built 853 steel singlespeed…she was, and is, a beautiful bike, but I’ve hung her up in favor of building an even lighter, bombproof ss out of my formerly-geared Dean ti. I am hoping for the same sort of epiphany when I throw a leg over the “new” Dean…36 x 16, rigid cromoly fork…should be stupid light and fun.

  3. of all the peeps who go and refer to this week…..TAJ! the man has great taste in art and music. what he’s done for BMX and for Austin is mind blowing. and yes Dominic…….TAJ is PHat…..with a capital PH! keep things Dirty and pass a Pooh bear hug to our Canadian brutha.

  4. that flop coming out of the crescent at 3:18 in the video is downright soupy…. hell i got disoriented just watching it.

  5. dirty, i can fillet a shinbone faster than a mexican gets kicked out of a mormon temple. let’s do it.

    mitch, i hear you. that was like a time space continuum gap where taj jumped in the curved wall, and got spat out a mannequin. ouch.