Weekend racing

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My sleep patterns got all fucked up. Yesterday I had to work 1p-1a. I had a scheduled rest day so before work I went downtown and hung out with my friend Susan in her art gallery. Her bike got stripped a few weeks ago and Dominic found her a set of wheels for 15 bucks and fixed it up. She is stoked to ride again!

susans bike

I was so tired last night. I am not used to staying up past midnight anymore. We were busy with bad weather at DFW and DCA. All the way up until I clocked out at 1am and collapsed into bed. Of course I didn’t wake up for my hour trainer session but fuck it. Sorry OB.

I am racing my 3rd road race tomorrow. I am going to work registration which gets me free entry to the race. Thanks Dave! They are, of course, predicting rain. Mother fucker. And today was beautiful! Can I just once! race in some nice weather? Fuck these spring series races, rain every fucking weekend.

I rode the course last week and I think it’s going to be fun as long as no one goes down.

It starts on an uphill before turning onto a slightly rolling and winding ridge top before the road falls out from under your wheels with a screaming descent into the creek valley below. You’ll spend the next 3 miles on a flat and straight valley road until you see the wall spur off to the right. After the first 200 meters, you’ll experience a wicked switchback and continue up the wall for another couple hundred meters before the road lightens up to a more tolerable grade and into the uphill “sprint” finish.

I heard 3 women went down in the last race, two weeks ago, in the rain. I know it’s bound to happen but I am going to avoid it as long as I can.

Video link dump:

The winner of Triathlete Magazine’s model search. This chick is hot.

Check out this cool CX video. It’s my local CX scene.

911 is a joke!

YouTube Preview Image

Last but not least – for those of you who get Bicycling Magazine, check out page 34-39 of the MTB magazine that comes with it. Nice spread on Drunk Cyclist and it’s creator Big Jonny. Very cool.


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18 Replies to “Weekend racing”

  1. Is the article available online anywhere ? Bicycling magazine’s hard to find over here.

  2. joe- i can’t imagine riding CX fixed. that would just be pure stupidity. SS. yes. fixed? fuck no.

  3. I dunno, Judi. Seems to me if I’m gonna do without gears I’d at least want the advantage of direct drive. And anyway I haven’t coasted in maybe a year. Don’t know if it would be safe to try. :)) Really, I’m to the point where any trail I ride, I enjoy more, fixed. Besides, if I suck I’ve got an excuse, and when I clean something for the first time it’s so satisfying. Win-win.

    Of course the dismounts would be interesting. But I’m working up to riding over logs, fixed. Besides, cyclocross was born with a fixed gear. It would be neat to do , sort of as an homage to those who went before, back in the early days of the last century.

  4. I liked the lady in the bikini more than the dude in the bikini. It rocks. Thanks Judi.

  5. Bicycling Magazine? No shit. If I had to guess I would have picked Dirt Rag to do this story (having no true knowledge beyond the intro on what the story is about)…
    While Bicycling is generally kinda lame, hats off to them for doing this story. May actually have to go buy a copy. Spans five pages with a full color photo? That seems like some big time stuff.

    Be curious to know how much the traffic on the site spikes as a result of this article.

    Congratulations Jonny and DC

  6. am I the only one who thinks it’s all a bit backwards?
    (r/e the bicycling story on DC)

    ..see, I figured it would be BJ deciding who *DC* should interview to do a story on. It’s cute that he humoured them tho. Kinda like letting your nephew pin you in a wrestling match at thanksgiving.

    I’m joking of course. (truth in humour of course) Huge congrats to DC for being a breath of fresh air for.. ?? I don’t even know how many years. I think maybe 5 since I showed up late for the party.

  7. DC’s ten year anniversary is this september. We’re going to get some bottle rockets and light them off. Going to be radtarded.

  8. radtarded indeed. 10yrs of livewrong to celebrate!

    I’m giving decent odds that that hangover will be visible from space and may even block out the sun!

  9. Want to buy DC 10th Anniversary T-shirt with the words “radtarded” and “livewrong” incorporated into the design. My $19.95 is waiting to be spent.