Fashion Just Keeps Recycling Itself

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What were they thinking?
What were they thinking?

First entry for the site so I thought I would start with a trip down memory lane. For those of you who have been around a while, you might remember the denim shorts of Claudio Chiappucci and the Carrera team and this photo might give you nightmares for a few weeks. For those of you who don’t remember those fabulous things, then this photo will either make you chuckle or throw up in your mouth a little bit. It’s hard to believe someone thought it was a good idea to bring these things back into circulation. If you dare, there are more photos here, but view at your own risk.

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16 Replies to “Fashion Just Keeps Recycling Itself”

  1. “…once the legs can no longer follow the moves. Like, for example, all spring.”…nice shot, counselor but so damn true, unfortunately…

    …my real quandary is how can i be ridin’ round wif my pants on the ground wearin’ a pair of hincky stylin’ fake denim bibs…sheeit…

    “pants on the ground, pants on the ground, i be stylin’ wif my hincky pants on the ground”

  2. Are they really denim? REALLY????!!!! What the fuck were they thinking?

  3. Back to the 90’s you evil fuckers! Worked at a shop in Orlando,Fl and we had ppl coming in by the tons asking for them. I believe Mary Jane from Miami imported a whole damn container ship’s worth with out a chamois for the fashion forward crowd. Yeah we sold the shit out of them.

  4. Once, way back, I met a girl at a party who was wearing a blue denim-print lycra skirt. pretty much blew my mind.

  5. That is just evil!!

    Why has George lowered hinself to the level of Rock Racing ?

  6. Yellow, pink, green, polka-dot, white and now, denim.

    Denim jersey for the best mohawk.

  7. Hey I think the company is actually run by George’s bro, so his culpability is limited on this one.

    On a different note, if they could make a denim jersey, with some rolled up looking sleeves, and…denim pants denim shirt keepin it real in the peloton…

    Or since the idea is skinny jeans for the kids, maybe they could just make a v-neck t shirt jersey. Cut really low. But with chest hair. Unisex of course. Maybe throw in some 80s sunglasses and a mop of studiously unkempt hair wig. Yeah, now we’re talkin…

    Oh primal, when will you respond to my pleas for employment?

  8. dreadful. just dreadful.

    These bring to mind the times I’ve been in the company of “rednecks/assholes” either before lycra was part of my cycling wardrobe or the “rednecks/assholes” didn’t know how I spend my recreational time and heard or overheard vective spewed forth on “those spandex wearin’ fags on bikes”.

    I remember wondering what sad, ignorant lens they saw the world through to have such thoughts.
    ..I just got a glimpse through that lens thanks to these abominations.