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21 Replies to “Happy 40th Big Man”

  1. 40? I couldn’t see that far back if I stood on a stepladder. Enjoy your youth while you can.

  2. as kitchen and i sit in the diner, our waitress brings us our meals. as she’s setting mine down she says, “oh dear, i’m really sorry for the hairy meatball. that is disgusting. i’m so embarrassed!”

    i said, “bitch, that is my friend kitchenissimo, and he’s 40 today, so be sensitive. call him a hairy meatball again and i’ll wrap a spoon around your eye.”

  3. Big Jonny,
    I’ve been following you and the other cast of characters here for about 5 or 6 of your trips around the sun. You’ve lead me to all kinds of useful and useless information about…well everything but mostly cycling.
    Thanks, have a great Forties, Cary

  4. Feliz Cumpleannos, sennor! May the tires keep hitting the dirt and the “puppies” bouncing at the pace of your own song. And remember what comes with “40’s”: prostate examinations…. yeeeeee

  5. I’ll bet you are ‘celebrating’ with a lap top and some law texts in front of you, am I right? That’s how I celebrated my birthday. Not too bad, though. You gonna get there, and this is just a milestone along the way.

  6. …just came back up from sea otter, a day late as usual but i’d be remiss if i didn’t wish ya a happy, happy !!!…

    …40th birthdays seem to be “a step” for some reason…but like joe the el, hurben & moi-self (& a few others here, i’m sure) can tell ya, ain’t no big thing in the long run…

    …it’s “alive & kickin'” that counts…