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23 Replies to “What have we got here?”

  1. Please, please gentlemen… allow this one to rest at the top of the page for a while.

  2. Is anyone else slightly confused that the majority of the pornographic visual content of late has been posted by Judi? Yeah, thanks Judi, we all sure grateful, but wassupwitdat?

  3. Bicycle races are coming your way
    So forget all your duties oh yeah
    Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today
    So look out for those beauties oh yeah

  4. Rick used to have that one in the old Oricle Road Bicycles in Tucson. It was hanging in the office. He had the wall of butts and boobs on bikes.

  5. Judi, I have this poster from the ORIGINAL printing! It was given to me, along with some newspaper cut outs and books from europe about cycling the 50s and 60s, by this 80 year old guy who used to come into my shop and watch old race videos for hours on end. Apparently this guy knew and rode against Coppi and Bartolli back the day. He had no family and would bless me with hours of stories about racing in europe post WW2. Great times. I miss that dude and swore I never forget him. This picture hangs in my home to this day. Not a fake tit in the bunch :)

  6. I too had this hanging in my apartment, Hatch Show Print style. Had I been alive in those day, I would surely being saying now, “Those were the days, ah, those were the days…..”

  7. I’m Appalled!!

    Appalled I tell you, at this blatant exploitation of our Double X chromosome blessed ‘fellow’ cyclists.

    We should keep this up as a permanent banner on this site as a reminder of our shame.

  8. right on. glad you guys liked it. check out the chick with her butt facing us on the right side, with the black and white socks. nice socks, right? we race CX in socks like that. oh, and no helmets. they NEVER rode helmets back in the day.