It does really hurt.

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I’m not clowning around right now:  it fucking kills, all this nonsense.  people go down so hard.  riding bikes — that’s the way to be getting around.  you should be so lucky, to be so young, so fresh, so blameless — and so vulnerable.

It does hurt to see the news of these losses, these brothers, dads, sisters, and more.  Who are you to people?, and if nothing, who cares, you’re human.  ride and be cautious, amigos.  be more than that, please, for the heart you own.  When shit goes down and the man is trying to measure grief with a tape measure, and you’ve all but spelled out your mission via nothing but blood on the pavement, make sure it was worth it.  just be careful, sisters and brothers;  you all mean so much.


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5 Replies to “It does really hurt.”

  1. my bike loves the woods, oh so much more than the pavement!!
    luckly i live in the great woods of northern mn. so my pavement is limited, and TFG for that!!!


  2. We’ve had 3 get hit locally. Two hit in one day during separate incidents, one man was killed and then someone was hit by a car on his memorial ride. Hoping this finally starts to get enough media coverage locally so people will get their head out of their ass when they drive.