Tuesdays with Dirty (on a Thursday): Better late than never

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Tuesday night I get the call from bobejin:  “dude, what the shit! It’s Tuesday night, why haven’t you posted anything yet? I know  you were on a road trip this weekend” then I proceeded to ignore him and sit back on the chair in my driveway with a can of Tecate and watch the pretty girls walk by.

The truth of the matter is, I did in fact just get back from a little road trip and I was just plain worn out. This weekend’s travels took me to southern Arizona, down Mexico way. The plan was to ride a little bit and to explore some potential trials south of the border or “over of the line” as the locals called it.

The Arizona Trail down around Patagonia, AZ is beyond words. It is such rugged and remote terrain it’s hard to imagine somebody running for freedom through such a scene. But that is  the reality of what happens every day down there. I saw more border patrol than any other people. In fact when I tried to cross the border in the town of Sasabe, 4 US agents came out of their stations and pretty much told me I wasn’t going to Mexico that day. The exact quote was “You will not have very much fun, there are a lot of bad guys over there right now”. Having spent 2 days prior camping and cut off from society I wasn’t aware of  the rash of border violence that had occurred. It definitely explained why everybody was a bit on edge, and heeding the agent’s warning, I stayed on my side of  the line. Here is a little sampling of what the trail looks like down there:rideaway

Note the snow capped mounatins in the background. 15 miles from mexico. This place blows my mind. I saw two other sets of tracks out there and I am pretty sure who they belong to, and they are friends of this site. Send us a link if/when you do a write up! Because you rode a lot further than I did!

I think I am going to head back down that way this weekend as well, I will let you know how it works out. Keep it dirty.

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