what is next for whom?

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pro sports is my game.  i eat the wins.  i kill the poor.  the losers are toilet paper.  the fans scream.  the winner is me.  i win.  vote with my dollar.  we are the ones who play.  others lose the wad.  sympathy = loser.  winner = hamburger.  i win with ketchup.

here comes the weather.  here comes make good choices.  keep yours in your lap.  text while you eat it and drive.  pour condiments on your life.  thank satan you’re a cyclist.  sign jerseys with a rolled up certificate of victory – a dollar bill.


(there was another image here, too.  it wasn’t right.  i’m sorry.  love, snake hawk.)

now dance.

now dance.

no, seriously, dance.

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10 Replies to “what is next for whom?”

  1. Hey Snake Hawk,

    Not being critical here, (well, shit, yes I am), but I really don’t appreciate the picture of the Viet Nam era prisoner

    I didn’t do Viet Nam but I did spend my entire youth in a place now called Namibia trying my best to avoid my arse being shot out underneath me by Cubans/Russians/East Germans/local Guerilla fighters.

    I’ve witnessed many a prisoner interrogation & they always made me question what the fuck I was doing & puke.

    No, I could not walk away from it, the only alternative was jail & the complete rejection of you by your family, (that did come later by the way).

    Sorry, touched a nerve.

    Take care out there.

  2. I take umbrage to your use of this type of picture, as it does strike a nerve: It demonstrates your ignorance, and if you think I am tolerant of this kind of shit then you are wrong. I don’t believe that you can compare and contrast these two pictures equally. For sure the latter man is going to “suffer” a different fate than the Belgian champ. What are you trying to prove?

  3. Which one of those was supposed to represent the loser?
    The arrogant dickbrain at the top or the guy at the bottom? My guess is the guy at the bottom died fighting for what he believed in. The one at the top…..?

  4. fair enough to all. i’m not saying anything here to diminish the impact of war. i meant no disrespect to those who have died in horrible ways. i do think, however, that there’s a deceptive gloss of innocence over the sports which we as modern spectators refuse to acknowledge.

    i am not ignorant, nor are any of you. i’d not dare insult you.

  5. Well put, Snake Hawk. There is a “deceptive gloss of innocence” as you so aptly put it. You touched a nerve and it was just that, the dishonesty of sport (in a way). On second thoughts, good post, it stopped me in my tracks and made me think.
    @Hurben: You doing the Desert Dash this year?

  6. Snake Hawk, good on you.

    @AfricanSingle – No Desert Dash for me, I’m currently down @ the end of the earth in New Zealand.

    The only event I’m focusing on this year is the Round lake Taupo in November. 160Kms & this year they’ve added a Maxi Enduro, 8 times round the lake, that’s hardcore.

    Apparently it’s been recognised as a qualifier for the Race across America

    Book your tickets now.

  7. I liked the post. My 1st mega concert 1981 with a newbie driver’s license at Alpine Valley Wisco…Bow Wow Wow, Oingo boingo, English Beat opening for The Police. Saw the EB a few more times in that era, then again a few years ago in Flagstaff. Dave Wakeland had’nt lost a thing.