Inside blues

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See all that sun? It’s going to be glorious outside today and I am stuck in here. All day. From 10a-10p. And everyone on facebook is posting pictures of being outside.

home office

Everyone’s out riding. Enjoy it. Spring is coming. I can feel it. The kids on our street are outside playing. They’ll all be banging on our front door soon to ask Dominic to fix their bikes.


Just as soon as I typed that a little kid was banging on the front door asking for me to pump his tires up. Which I did. His Mommy and Daddy sell drugs for a living. And live in the Section 8 house across the street.

Hill ride with Ryan tomorrow.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

20 thoughts on “Inside blues

  1. Section 8 buildings all over Port Jervis, NY. I’d be living in one me self if not for a recent inheritance. Got a rep for being a bike guy even tho I’m all thumbs with anything past changing a tire.

    Which, like you, I did yesterday for a kid who lives with his crackhead mother a few doors down.

    Did you blow up the first tube like I did ?

    Scared the shit out of me and the kid. Then we both laughed ourselves stupid as I took him to Wally-world for a new tube. He promised not tell anyone. I told him it was to funny not too.

    I can’t wait for Spring.

  2. No flat fixes for me but I did just get back from my first ride of the year.

    The first slickrock climb at the start of the Kokopelli trail (Mary’s Loop) killed me, the flats after that were hard :(
    Getting old, out of shape plus being on a singlespeed.

    Couple other riders working off the cabin fever, still snow on all the north faces of 18 road so I had to settle for jeep roads.At this rate maybe 2-3 weeks til the trails are dry enough to ride.

  3. Hey Judi,

    It sucks to be inside on a beautiful day. I’m pretty sure I can hear your Trek calling you, even from here.

    Is section 8 housing the same as the public housing we have here in Australia? Government owned and rent kept artificially low.

  4. Inside all day for 12 hours.. all I can ask is – why?

    Is it procrastination of some kind? I bet it is!

  5. @bjorn – section 8 housing, yea, government owned properties that are given to low income families for very cheap.

  6. @littlejar – i work from home. after hours emergency travel. 12 hour shifts. i have three of them a week.

  7. @baddcog Thanks for the Moab report…. I will be down in a month or so. Looks like I will be able to ride by then.

    If your out and about… grab me a Blueberry Bacon Maple Muffin from Love Muffin Cafe.


  8. @ColonelSandersRetired @bjorn – not all section 8 housing is dangerous. We have a section 8 high raise a couple of blocks away and you would never know it. It’s full people just trying to get by.

  9. i spent the day inside too judi..fixing people’s bikes. i’m across the way in chicago. our shop was slammed today- definitely felt like the first day of spring. lots of people out riding.

    …my hood has section 8s as well. it’s an interesting smorgasbord of people round here.

  10. I stood in the beautiful sunshine today, with a bro and a beer(s). Right in the driveway is where we were. Wishing we could ride trails, the road bike, the pump track, anything. Snow lingers for a week or so more, and Jr. was nappin’, so I was “chained up”.

    Tomorrow we (I) ride!

  11. Today it was still winter. That sucks. There’s still snow on the ground, mostly where I wish I could ride. That sucks even worse.

    But I got the Carlton Raleigh finished today; fixed gear thankyouverymuch. Rode the snot out of it. Mmmmmm, 531.

    Even with the snow here and there it was a nice day. Nice for this time of year, anyway. Fifty degrees and cloudless. So I rode the Raleigh some more. Didn’t even mind the cagers honkin’ and hollerin’ for me to get off the road an’at. Oh, I’d have pounded each of them to a bloody pulp given half a chance. But they were in their shiny metal boxes, where I was feeling the sheer unfettered joy of childhood, squared. They were suffering enough and the fools didn’t even know it. Still, if I would have given them the pounding they so richly deserved, it would have been ME going to jail. Yes, I do believe the system is broken.

    Then I took my beloved out for a wonderful dinner. Sometimes it don’t suck to be me.


  12. @judi- yeah i went to a meet and greet thing at the half acre brewery last fall for the women’s team…it was awesome there were all these guys walking around in underwear serving us chocalate fondue and beer. i shoulda hopped on and started riding with half acre but i’ve kinda been in hibernation and i’m broke and don’t have a racing bike.

  13. dafew,

    I’m in Grand Junction, Co. actually. Other side of Kokopelli, but higher elevation so I suppose Moab is snow free at the moment.

  14. @lauren – if you ever join a team, that’d be the one to join. they always have all kinds of cool shit going on. and they race MTBs too.